When staying fit and healthy is a priority, dining out at restaurants can be really intimidating. The food you make in your home is certainly a lot healthier than what you’ll find while eating out, but there is value in relaxing and having a night out too! Food is social, and going out is part of the experience! Luckily, it’s totally possible to eat a wholesome meal at a restaurant, especially here in West LA. We are so excited to share a few of our fav spots…

Native Foods Cafe Santa Monica | Vegan


Why we love it – This casual eatery is the perfect post-workout lunch spot! We love that their menu is all vegan and vegetarian (for the meat lovers, their meat substitutes are pretty darn convincing!) Grab a buddy and enjoy an inexpensive healthy meal with easy parking! What to order – Rockin’ Moroccan Bowl: Filled with quinoa, Native “Chicken,” veggies, currents, and toasted almonds, this is the perfectly balanced lunch after an exercise-induced sweat-fest! Feeling Naughty? – If you are feeling a little indulgent, we are gaga over their Crispy Sweet Potato Fries!

Lemonade Venice | Comfort Food


Why we love it – This ain’t your high school’s cafeteria, honey! Lemonade is charmingly set up like a cafeteria, but so much more chic! Portioned out in any way you like, we love this mix-and-match café! What to order – From their “Marketplace” section we love a half order of Avocado, Cherry Tomato and Pine Nuts with a half order of Snap Peas, Edamame and Sesame! (We also love the Broccoli Ricotta with Champagne Vinaigrette.) For some protein we always ask for Citrus Poached Salmon Filet from their “Land and Sea” section and wash it down with Unsweetened Sugar Free Lemonade (flavors change daily), yum! Feeling Naughty? – Their entire assortment of pastries is delightful… try splitting one with a friend to keep from going overboard.

California Chicken Cafe Venice | Soups & Salads


Why we love it – Huge portions, small prices, and perfectly cozy for takeout on rainy days (bonus points for having curbside pickup!) Plus… whatever they are putting in their salad dressing is simply addicting! What to order – California Chicken Salad and Broccoli Soup: We mentioned this before, but their salads are enormous and packed with yummy, crisp veggies and healthy chunks of chicken! Order your dressing on the side (we love their balsamic and their Chinese dressing) and save half for later or share with a pal. We adore their Broccoli Soup for just 60 calories per serving! Feeling Naughty? – We’re pretty smitten with their whole-wheat pita, try making a little wrap with your salad! They also have freshly baked cookies if you are feeling extra sweet, mmm!

Mendocino Farms Marina Del Rey | Santa Monica | Sandwiches


Why we love it – This adorable eatery puts an emphasis on eating food that is both seasonal and locally grown, plus has tons of tasty healthy options, along with a few indulgences! What to order – The menu is jam packed with good stuff, including an entire seasonal sandwich list, but we are loving the Vegan Bahn Mi, we order ours with a tortilla! Feeling Naughty? –Their “Not So Fried” Chicken, which is actually not so naughty considering the chicken only tastes fried. Served on ciabatta bread with aioli and BBQ sauce, this meal is a lovely mix of naughty and nice!

Sparky’s Frozen Yogurt Santa Monica | Fro Yo 


Why we love it – Because how could we forget about a guiltless dessert stop? What to order – We always opt for Carbolite when we stop in, with just 32 calories per 4 oz serving, it’s a pretty guilt-less treat! Feeling Naughty? – Treat yourself to a topping or two! After all your workouts, you’ve earned it.


Where do you like to eat out? Do you go for healthy items, or treat yourself? COMMENT and let us know.