Kelly Green Tilt copy We live in an environment where toxins and chemicals are everywhere – in our air, food, water, soil, dust, and everyday products – and cleansing is the perfect way to detox your body for optimal health and energy.  Science tells us that it’s not a question of IF we are carrying a burden of these toxins, but rather HOW MUCH and to what extent they affect our health.  We know that our bodies are designed to naturally detoxify through the liver and kidneys.  But, when the body becomes overloaded with toxins and does not take in sufficient nutrition to fuel the natural cleansing process, it functions less effectively which can result in a variety of symptoms including fatigue, joint pain, headaches, and weight gain.We may have limited control over our environment, but we do have a great deal of control over our own bodies.  This is why we developed the PALETA CLEANSE!  By eliminating the BAD and loading up on the GOOD, we’re enabling the body to fire on all cylinders and the liver to process toxins at maximum capacity.

The PALETA CLEANSE is scientifically designed to include a simple regimen of targeted nutrition, modified diet, exercise and stress management.  We eliminate potentially allergenic or heavily processed foods that impair your body’s natural ability to detoxify and replace them with low-allergy-potential “clean” vegan foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients (a fancy way of saying PLANT nutrients) that enhance the body’s ability to detox.  The PALETA PURFIY powdered beverage includes clean brown rice protein, vitamins and phytonutrients to support metabolic detoxification.  We also encourage exercise to help sweat out toxins and keep your metabolism in gear.  Adequate stress reduction and sleep are also key to the success of our program. Your body is recharging and regenerating so you need to help it by resting, doing yoga, or treating yourself to a massage.

Paleta 9/26/11For The Studio (MDR) CLEANSE, we have specially formulated PALETA CLEANSE to provide all of these amazing health benefits, while still giving your body the nutrition it needs to participate in the stimulating brand of workout that The Studio (MDR) provides! Treat your body like the temple it is and you should experience some or all of the following benefits:

  • Weight Loss | Average 5-10 lbs
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Skin & Hair Condition
  • Elevated Moods & Mental Clarity

PALETA provides you with everything you need to cleanse: delicious targeted vegan meals and snacks, protein shakes, BPA-free shaker bottle, travel cooler, flavor kits, and easy-to-follow instructions.  We also provide you with daily support and suggested tasks to help you reduce stress and get fit.  Sound simple? It is!  But, it is not magic and requires commitment to your health and well-being. Commit to the PALETA CLEANSE protocol and you’ll find yourself feeling renewed in both mind and body!

Lisa has already done the cleanse and is signed up to participate on the 14th along with many of our trainers! Be sure to ask her about it!

Come by the studio to find out more info. If you're ready to commit, sign up here. Use promo code TSMDRCLEANSE20 to get 20% off.

Guest blog post by Kelly Boyer. Founder | Executive Chef of PALETA, Inc.