A Love Note from The Studio (MDR)'s owner

Don't you guys love the fact that in sunny Los Angeles, springtime comes around a lot faster than it does for the rest of the country? Soon enough it will be time to jump back into our bathing suits ... or at least a pair of skinny white jeans!

LisaAnd when I look across our lipstick-pink studio filled with 15 beds, I see SO many bodies changing and so many new faces walking in the front door -- and I revel in the constant buzz of energy. It's downright inspiring. We are operating on a higher level, and it's intoxicating.

I certainly feed off of all of you, as there is so much that we can all accomplish in our short 'lil lives! You, our students and thriving fitness community, teach me something new each day -- and I so enjoy being a witness to your journey.

So, while the rest of the country is still getting pummeled with snow and cold winter weather, I SEE YOU, day after day, kicking serious butt in The Studio (MDR). You will conquer the white skinny jeans this season and a teeny bikini, too! Because it's LA -- and when intentions are set and the work is done, dreams really do come true.

Big hug, Lisa