I never thought I would hear myself say "I love working out!" -- but I have to say, "I love my Studio (MDR) classes! One of my good friends suggested I go to class with her as she didn't want to go on her own. My first class was with Jessi and she had me sweating in seconds, but her sarcasm was superb and she won me over immediately. Obviously a glutton for punishment, I took my next class and, well, that was an experience in itself. Here was this handsome, fit body jumping in and out of the machines, singing and dancing to George Michael and simultaneously making sure we were sweating our butts off. I was hooked! Transformer - Michelle Hill

My initial wakeup call -- the moment I knew it was time to get fit -- happened when I saw this "before" photo of me with my husband. My belly was bigger than his, and the dreaded "middle age spread" had become a reality for me. After just one year of working out at The Studio (MDR), I have lost inches everywhere and toned my formerly non-existent bottom. I have muscles thatt I thought at my age were impossible to achieve. And all of the trainers at The Studio (MDR) have helped me get here. They are all perfectionists and at the top of their game, and they seem downright determined to give their students the strength and confidence to achieve our goals.

Last week my husband was diagnosed with cancer -- an ugly and cruel disease. And after a long day of chemotherapy with my amazing husband -- who WILL beat this disease -- I took a class with Lindsay. And it was amazing. I am so sure that my workouts at The Studio (MDR) are giving me the strength to deal with my pain -- both emotionally and physically -- and the support the trainers and all of the beautiful people who have become my friends in this fitness community is truly amazing.

I feel so blessed that I have found a workout I love to do to, and the support that The Studio (MDR) gives me is pure Love. I'm not sure how many people can say that about their workout.