LisaI feel LIGHTER -- and I am not talking about the scale! I feel as if a giant load has been lifted off my shoulders (actually, in my case, off my chest) and it seems that people around me have noticed this, too. I confess: I recently went to a healer. I bet you're giggling. That’s what I did when I first thought about seeing someone wrapped in robes, asking me to look for the white light, incense burning in the room. But nope, my healer was just a regular-looking guy -- so regular that when I walked into his office, I thought there is NO WAY this guy is for real.

But whatever he did -- whether it be a placebo or there is some higher power that he is indeed tied to -- I am buying into it. I feel as if he has broken a spell and I can finally start living well and in peace with myself.

Sometimes, we all need a little extra help -- and I am here to tell you it is OK to ask for it, whether from a therapist, a lover, a friend, a studio owner (seriously!), or a fabulous healer (whose name I will certainly share with you -- just ask me for it!). My wish is that we all begin this month with a bounce and not be afraid to reach out when we have questions. Here's to walking into spring with a clear head and heart!

Big hug and kiss,