Seaf Hartley - The Dancing Queen Hi Everyone! My name is Seaf Hartley and I’m a freshman at The Archer School for Girls. I turn 15 in April and am the daughter of Clabe and Thea Hartley, owners of the local Venice coffee shop, The Cow’s End Café.

Through the years I’ve trialled multiple activities but have always resided with my first love; dance. For almost 12 years I have been a dancer working with a variety of styles, from flamenco to modern to hip-hop and tap to ballet. Presently, I focus ballet as my base practice and contemporary and modern as my other practices. Every summer since I was 8 I would leave California to work for three to six weeks. After this past summer at the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago I found that I wanted to make myself a bit more versatile and part of the process was adding an additional element to my training.

In order for me to reach my full capacity in regards to my potential in dance, it is absolutely crucial for me to sculpt my body in order for my technique and artistry to be polished. I wanted something that would lengthen my muscle and provide me with definition in both existing and foreign places.

The Studio MDR seemed like the perfect place to provide me with all of these results. Since August 1st I’ve been coming in every week after school and before my dance training to work hard and fulfill my goal. Recently I have decided to “step it up” and come to The Studio four times per week not only for the intensity but for a chance to see all of the wonderful people that make up the MDR community. Being able to familiarize faces and have normality amongst the instructors and the other members is ultimately what shapes the bond that differentiates this program from other places.

Words cannot describe how excited I am to see The Studio (MDR) grow… mentally, physically, and virtually!

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