Taylor Estes On my 29th birthday, I stumbled into The Studio (MDR) thinking I would get back into Pilates. I had no idea what I was in for. As a long time athlete, former avid Crossfitter, and yogi of 12 years (teaching for 6), I was inviting a form of proprioception that could transform my body in a different way. The workouts I was doing were working just fine. I was even really challenged and left feeling extremely sore. But still to me, my body was “JUST FINE” and just fine had never (and will never) be a part of my language. I kept on thinking why live a “just fine” life when you can live an optimal life?! So I made some changes.

I noticed changes almost immediately. I became leaner and physically stronger in ways I hadn’t expected. While I’d win “most graceful Crossfitter” in a competition award, I still left those workouts feeling overly sensitive in my body, encountering tightness in my back, and dealt with inexplicable pain at times. I actually held a thought pattern in my brain that body transformation included pain as a result. Once I began my practice at The Studio (MDR), this thought-form shifted...

Yes, I look damn good in the smallest pair of jeans I’ve owned in 10 years, I’m long and lean and have the body many people desire to have. It even makes me cry tears of joy when I look in the mirror at the amount of transformation that has happened on a physical level since I started working out here. But the thing that has changed most is who I am as a person! This is very important to acknowledge. Physical exercise, when performed with conscious action and correct alignment, can enhance and transform your aura and your chakras. Most of us are from the west side in LA so you can understand my vernacular when using these words even if it’s not a part of your every day life. If I’ve completely lost you, chakras are energetic centers ranging from the base of your spine and going all the way up to the crown of your head. We also have an aura of energy that surrounds our body. Some of us have very strong auras and for others, there may be holes and gaps from unexpressed anger, sadness, guilt, etc. For me, I noticed dramatic shifts in my boundaries and how to create healthy ones with romantic relationships (2nd chakra), and I developed more confidence -- something that’s helping my new business thrive. I’ve gained the strength to take the action steps needed to live the life I’ve always wanted (with a healthy relationship to my ego 3rd chakra).

When I began this work, I was in a relationship where I was constantly giving, not being supported and undernourished. I was in a job where I wasn’t utilizing my creative energy and the skills I amassed over the years. I was scared my business idea wouldn’t fully succeed so I didn’t have the confidence to quit the job I didn’t enjoy. I was bulkier than I ever wanted to be and essentially, out of alignment with my true nature. Today I am at my ideal physique, happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life, standing for only the highest and best relationships, have a thriving business doing what I love, and feel balanced and centered in my energy body.

The correlation of the Lagree Method and the way it fine-tunes your energetic body may not have crossed your mind. But because of my background as a yoga teacher, I make that connection with everything I do. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. Every action -- down to your timeliness to class, the depth of your squat, your trust in balance and your willingness to move through things that feel uncomfortable -- will transform your entire life. We all want to be walking examples of our choices in the world and I promise you, the depth of your squat will ensure how deep you’re willing to go to live the life you’ve always dreamed. Integrity, integrity, integrity...

Allow this system to work for you, know your truth in every movement you make, and let this be your life coach. It’s all a matter of perspective and how we let it works its magic. Yes, it can just make you look great in your dresses for a cocktail party. But who really cares about that if you’re still dealing with the same insecurities that plague you every day. Let it go deeper and burn through your energetic garbage, because it’s working, you just have to trust and have the intention to go there.

Thank you for being such a supportive community! With love, Taylor Estes