Cleanse No matter how "clean" you eat and how often you sweat, experts agree that detoxing every so often is crucial. But we know -- cleansing is hard! (Trust us, we've chugged our fair share of detox smoothies while dreaming of chocolate cake, too!) That's why we've organized another Studio (MDR) group detox. We know there's power in numbers, and our thriving community of healthy eaters and fitness enthusiasts is just the group to help you stick to your detox.

Here's the deal: We've partnered with Paleta (the amazing company that supplies our delicious juices and almond milks!) to bring you a juice cleanse. This cleanse is called "Sip 'til Supper," which means you'll get an organic, vegan dinner along with your juices every day. After all, you're blasting too many calories during your classes at The Studio (MDR) to survive on juice alone. Even better, with so many of your fellow warriors doing the cleanse, you'll have a built-in support group. And to top it off, you're also getting a great discount! It’s just $79 per day for Studio (MDR) clients (use code TSMDRDETOX at checkout)! For more info, CLICK HERE!

If you decide to sign up (you know you want to!), here are some tips that'll help you make the most of your cleanse:

1. Dry brush your bod every morning. First, go to Whole Foods and pick up a dry brush. Next, commit to brushing your body every morning before your shower. Start at your feet and work your way up toward your heart (to brush your arms, start at your fingertips and work your way toward your heart). This ancient technique stimulates your lymphatic system, which helps your body release toxins.

2. Sweat every day. If you've got a class at The Studio (MDR), you're set. If not, take a power walk or do some form of light exercise that gets your heart pumping. When you're cleansing, your body is trying to get rid of built-up toxins -- and sweating them out is a great way to give them the boot.

3. Schedule some extra downtime. When you're cleansing, you may feel a little more tired at the end of every day. So, bank on this and cut yourself some slack. Get into bed a half hour earlier each night and read, or spend an evening in your bathtub instead of out at happy hour with friends.

4. Drink more water. During a detox, you'll need to consume at least eight glasses of filtered water or herbal tea each day (or more, if possible!). This will keep your body hydrated and help speed toxin elimination.

5. Know that things may feel worse before they feel better. You may feel a little irritable, tired, and headachy at the end of the first day. You might even feel like you're getting sick. That's because your body is trying to heal itself by getting rid of mucus. Just remind yourself that it will pass and that when it does, you'll feel better than ever.

6. Give yourself a cold blast in the shower. Showering removes toxins from your skin and opens your pores for further elimination. To give your circulation a boost, set the water temp as hot as you can stand it for three minutes, followed by as cold as you can bear for 30 seconds. Repeat this a few times to really kick your circulatory system into full gear.

7. Stock up on organic veggies. If you absolutely have to cheat, reach for vegetables (not that piece of birthday cake in your office kitchen!). And when you come off your cleanse, eat as clean as you possibly can. Introducing toxins right away can do a lot of harm. So think fresh, whole, organic foods for the weeks (and hopefully months!) after your cleanse. Eat plenty of veggies, fruits, non-gluten grains, beans, small amounts of nuts, seeds, and lean organic meats and fish.