NicoleNot only has The Studio (MDR) helped one student tone up and lose weight, but taking classes has also helped her heal a chronic autoimmune disease. Here is Nicole’s amazing story. On May 8, 2012, I walked into Studio MDR not knowing what the future would bring. Only 15 months earlier I had been diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease known as Sarcoidosis. By the time I reached The Studio (MDR), I had been cut, poked, prodded, and treated with a nasty drug that crushed my immune system, leaving me homebound for many months. Meanwhile, life had marched on and I had a high school reunion coming up in 8 weeks. I was in panic mode. I was soft and squishy – not overweight, but not slim, either.

With the careful instruction of Lindsay and Jessi, I am a completely new person.  My disease is in remission, and I only experience occasional flare-ups -- but that’s far better than I was when I walked into The Studio (MDR) more than a year ago.  In addition to that, I have body confidence that I’ve never had before.  The cellulite on my back thighs is melting away class by class, and best of all, my energy and endurance levels have improved drastically, helping me in every aspect of my life.

Now, I can run farther and faster, jump higher, work harder, and even read faster. This studio has transformed me into a mega-former pilates regular. I’ve always thought of gyms as a big drag. I belonged to a bunch over the years, and I’ve never been excited to exercise. Now, I can’t wait to work out! Thank you so much to The Studio (MDR) and to Lisa, Lindsay, Jessi, Mary, and Natalya. You’ve all been key forces in helping me to regain my quality of life.