Want to know what all of the instructors at The Studio (MDR) eat inorder to stay so energized and looking so toned?

Here are some of their faves, which also happen to be nutritionist-approved foods for maintaining a healthy weight.

Steel cut oats. This fiber-filled breakfast staple will help you feel fuller longer, meaning you’ll be more likely to pass on that mid-morning snack (or those pastries on the board room table).

Fresh-pressed ginger with cayenne. Ginger is an amazing immune-booster, which will keep you healthy and able to make it to your workouts even when the rest of your family and friends start to sniffle. And cayenne pepper is a known metabolism booster.

Walnuts. Loaded with omega-3s and protein, this healthy snack can be eaten on its own or tossed into salads or on top of that steel cut oatmeal.

Quinoa. Instead of rice, try this ancient grain, which is loaded with protein and fiber and has a delicious nutty flavor. Mix in some fruit and have it for breakfast or a snack, or add in some chopped veggies and a protein for an easy lunch or dinner that can be eaten hot or cold.

Lentil soup. Lentils pack a double-whammy of fiber and protein (not to mention a ton of trace minerals and vitamins), so a soup loaded with these little powerhouses is going to rev your metabolism and keep you in great health.

Maca powder. Maca is an ancient Peruvian superfood used by indigenous Andean societies as a source of nourishment and healing for thousands of years. (Peruvian folklores tell of maca being used by warriors to increase their strength and endurance.) These days, you can buy it in powdered form and add it to your morning smoothie!

Chia seeds. Move over, kale: Chia seeds are the new darling of the food world, according to nutritionists. These little seeds are packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fatty acids -- a combo that’ll help you feel energized, full, and fabulous. Add a spoonful to water for a satiating snack.

Flax seeds. Want to keep your digestion rocking and bloating at bay? Sprinkle a teaspoon or two of freshly-ground flax seeds on top of your oatmeal or salad for an easy, healthy upgrade.

Avocados. They’re filled with healthy fats that rev the metabolism and keep you satiated. They’re loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. They taste AMAZING. And, California makes the world’s best avocados. Need we say more?

Salmon. This lean protein is also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to do everything from boost immunity and mood to help keep weight in check.

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