RichardThis busy hotel executive walked by The Studio (MDR) countless times. Then he walked in … and got hooked immediately. Here’s how he got in shape and stays so fit, even with a crazy travel schedule.  


My experience at The Studio (MDR) began with the beginner class on April 29, 2012, as I regularly walked by the small studio on my way to the beach and always wondered how it would feel to do a class. After that first session, I knew that this would be transformative, and I purchased 10 classes the following day.  I have always been very active with weekly 2-man beach volleyball games, jogging, biking, hiking, and golfing. When I started working out at The Studio (MDR), I was 160 pounds -- but I often experienced lower back pain, as well as hamstring and sciatic nerve issues. I travel a lot for work and the long flights were not helping me feel strong. As I began to take these classes, what I realized quickly was that even with all the sports I played, my core was nowhere near as strong as I thought it was. Training at The Studio (MDR) significantly increased my core strength as well as my strength overall. I’m so much better at all other sports now, including something as simple as jogging.

As I continued to take classes, my pain started going away. Today I weigh 152 pounds. I am stronger, leaner, and at age 47, I’ve never felt better. As with all exercise, focusing on the right diet is just as critical as working out -- especially when traveling as much as I do. I purchased the FitBit to track my calorie intake and outtake and I’ve continued to take classes regularly when I am not traveling. When traveling, I often view the great YouTube videos to maintain my strength.  An important aspect of The Studio (MDR) is that ALL of the trainers create a wonderful and supportive experience. Frankly, I do not enjoy going to fitness centers and gyms and prefer to participate in sports. However, attending classes at The Studio (MDR) ranks as one of the best fitness experiences I’ve ever had. As challenging as each class is, I continue to look forward to each session and feel great when I walk out those doors. I will continue to attend as many classes as I can as I simply want to continue to feel as good as I feel today. A big thank you to Lisa, Lindsay, Mary, and Jessi for contributing to shaping me up!