JennyJennifer Howard knew she wanted to be in the best shape of her life before she walked down the aisle. Here’s how The Studio (MDR) helped this self-proclaimed serial workout person surpass her wildest workout goals.

I started coming to The Studio (MDR) after I got engaged last February. I had heard great things about the workout and I thought it would be perfect timing to try something new to trick my body. I have always been a serial workout person (I’ve done Barre Burn, yoga, hiking, spinning, pilates, and a ton of other gym classes!) but I felt like I was plateauing and needed a change for my big day! I was instantly addicted to Ky’s and Jessi's classes, and after taking classes three times a week for 2 1/2 months, I saw fast results. I even inspired three of my bridesmaids and my fiancé to come to The Studio (MDR)!

JIn addition to taking classes, I really watched my diet by eliminating wheat six days a week. I also ate a lot of salmon and veggies and -- believe it or not -- FAT! I ate plenty of avocados and cottage cheese for snacks. I would drink a smoothie in the morning for energy and lots of green tea throughout the day. I still had a little wine in the evenings, but I definitely cut that little habit down for the two months leading up to my big day.

I feel like The Studio (MDR) really gave me the mental strength to work out so hard. It is literally the only workout that has pushed me since my basketball and volleyball days in high school. I have never felt stronger or more confident. I am officially hooked. I came back to classes after my honeymoon and I feel like I am even stronger now than I was before the wedding. I am determined to stay this way. Thanks to all of the teachers who kick my ass at The Studio (MDR)!