Jessi's Fridge! Want to know how Jessi Piha always looks so lean and toned? Well, here’s the secret: A healthy diet! Sure, she works out hard. But she also keeps her fridge stocked with super-healthy eats. Here’s some inspiration before your next trip to Whole Foods …

I know you will all be shocked to see I have actual food in my fridge and not shelves stocked with cold-pressed juice. This girl loves food and loves to eat! Because I am on the go all day, I need to have food that’s ready to eat. Luckily, cooking relaxes me. My obsession with food began when I was working as a private chef, something I've done off and on throughout the years.

Even when I’m teaching 5 a.m. classes, I never miss breakfast! I have a shot of E3 every morning, as well as steel cut oats mixed with chia seeds and my favorite seasonal fruit.  And yes, sometimes I eat this in the car on my way to The Studio (MDR).

I like to make my own staples: butternut squash soup, baked yams, chia seed pudding, and my fave raw energy snack. (The recipe is simple: Mix oats, flax seeds, chopped walnuts, almond butter, and honey, rolled into balls and dip in shaved coconut!).

I'm never without spinach, lemons, shallots, ginger, almond milk, almond butter, apples, and dark chocolate. I make veggie salads and add protein -- meats, beans, fish, and all kinds of other lean proteins. But I'm a snob about always having fresh food, so whatever I'm feeling that day gets cooked. I don't do frozen, with one exception: If you could take a peek inside my freezer you would find frozen yogurt. I have a wicked sweet tooth, and an oatmeal cookie crumbled on top of fro yo makes me seriously happy. (Though if someone offers me a doughnut, all bets are off!)