LisaThe Studio (MDR)'s leading lady talks about the best trend she’s seen all year: The fact that women are finally starting to love themselves and their bodies, and truly accept who they are. Let’s all take a moment and be grateful for that!

Happy November! It's here again … my favorite month of the year! Both my birthday and Thanksgiving fall in November, so I get to celebrate all month long. And yes, I take full advantage of the non-stop celebrating and have done so ever since I was a little girl! It makes me so, so happy that instead of feeling older each year, I seem to feel younger, more thankful, and closer to my goals.

One of those long-time goals is body acceptance. I think it’s something every woman has struggled with at some point in her life. And here’s an observation I’ve made over the past year: I sense that women, in general, have become more comfortable with their bodies, and WOW, that is a wonderful thing! It is clearly evident from the short shorts and skirts that everyone’s wearing around town day and night that women appear more free with their bodies. As a woman who has personally battled with weight issues and poor self image, this feat of acceptance of one’s body signifies that we are clearly doing something right in this world – even if we still have a way to go. And I like to think that The Studio (MDR) is doing its part to help the cause. I know I feel as if I’m finally getting there thanks to this community!

If you have a chance, watch this clip. It’s Robyn Lawley -- a model who’s considered “plus size” -- on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and I’m willing to bet the conversation will resonate with you.

I believe poor body image is a disease, and if everyone could take a look at themselves through the eyes of someone else, the picture would be more beautiful than you could imagine. Each and every one of us is beautiful in our own unique and special ways. Let’s take time out of our busy day and inspect our beauty from within, and look into the mirror and allow ourselves to approve of what we see.

So, happy November to you, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and thank you for helping me feel like the luckiest girl around. I will be feeling grateful for all of you as I celebrate my birthday today, and feeling grateful for this space -- one that continues to help me truly like, accept, and even love who I am.

Big hug,