Considering The Studio (MDR) is the premiere fitness studio in Los Angeles, it comes as no surprise that it’s filled with some pretty spectacular clients. Here’s a spotlight on one and a little bit about what she does … as well as 5 things that are rockin’ her world right now.

Talitha Peters is the Chief Creative Officer at Sole Society, a brand of shoes, bags and accessories sold at and Nordstrom. She’s been in the online/fashion business for years, and loves what she does at Sole Society because she gets to be creative and business oriented at the same time. Talitha’s also the mom of two little girls, Frankie and Esme (ages 1 and 4) who keep her very busy (and tired!). Two months ago, Talitha took her first class at The Studio (MDR) thanks to her friend, Katie Johnson. “We moved from Santa Monica to Westchester and I was very concerned about where I was going to exercise. I had been doing yoga and spin for years but had never tried any kind of pilates-based workout before. My first class (with Jessi, love her!) was a very humbling experience. I never felt so out of shape in all my life. Now, I am hooked!”

Here are 5 little picks she’s also hooked on right now:

  • Booties! I have a bootie collection that is kind of ridiculous. Sole Society has some amazing booties for fall. A staple bootie with a skinny denim jean and a blazer is sort of my daily uniform at work. Throw in a vintage tee, a statement necklace, and an always messy topknot -- no time for a blowdryer. That’s me in a nutshell.
  • Essie ballet slippers nail polish. It's an oldie but a goodie.
  • Kreation Juicery’s green dream smoothie. I am creature of habit and love the green dream smoothie. I'd drink it daily if I had one close to me. Does that sound super LA? :)
  • Exercise gear from Carbon 38. They have some super-cool pants to workout in. I like the printed pants to shake things up while exercising.
  • St.Tropez tanning spray. I literally just sprayed my face and legs and feel renewed.