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Given how fit she is, you might not guess that Lisa Hirsch is a total foodie. Here’s what she orders at her favorite restaurants around town … and the café that actually named a dish after her! 

I am confident enough to admit to the world that I do not cook. I wish I did, because I actually think I would enjoy it. Plus, I know how therapeutic it can be. But -- and I know this is a sad excuse -- I just can’t seem to find the time lately. I know that by not cooking for myself, I lose out on some of the major benefits that come along with preparing your own meals, like knowing exactly what’s in your food, not consuming any extra oils or salt, and having the satisfaction of eating something that YOU lovingly prepared.

Since I’m a total foodie and love to go out to eat, I’ve realized I have to be hyper-aware of how my food is prepared. I can sometimes be so specific, that I create my own dish (and the restaurant even names it after me!). Exhibit A: 

Canali Cafe

“The Lisa Special” Yes, there is now a dish called “The Lisa Special” named after me and in their computer system and everything. It’s grilled chicken in a spicy tomato arbiatta sauce with spinach and artichokes, all chopped up together. NO salt, NO added oil, and NO butter.  Sometimes when I am feeling naughty, I will sprinkle some parmesan over it, though I have been trying to stay away from dairy because it can be inflammatory. I love Italian food, and this is my absolute favorite meal to order for lunch, especially after a great workout at The Studio (MDR).


This is one of my favorite local spots to grab dinner.  I love sitting at their bar for Happy Hour. Many of the girls that work there are clients, so it is warm and inviting. The kind of place where everyone knows your name!

My go-to order: Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (no green onions) with Ponzu sauce and the Spicy Tuna Handroll wrapped in soy paper, no scallions. And of course a hot cup of green tea, which stimulates your metabolism and boosts memory!


When I'm going out with friends, I love to go to Oscar's.

My go-to order: La Puente Backyard Original (and yes, I order the regular burger!) with grilled mushrooms – I mean REALLY, and SUPER REALLY grilled onions -- with their extra not-so-secret sauce. It's so good. I try and leave half the bun. Salad or papas?  Which would you choose? YUM!


This is my local coffee shop spot/wine bar spot where I feel right at home and know the menu by heart. I get super excited when any additions are made. At the sight of the new cous cous salad with chicken, I went bananas. The phase lasted for about a month where I would consistently order it without any ezra oil or salt.

However, now I’m back to my go-to snack: the tuna tartare. The tuna is super fresh here. I always ask for no chips, no salt, and very light on the oil

Salt Air

At this new hot spot on Abbot Kinney, I always order the Pan Roasted Chicken with everything -- all I ask is that they go light on the salt. When I'm feeling crazy, I order the monkey pie for dessert. It’s heaven on a plate.

I used to be worried that waiters would be upset if I asked for my food done in specific way, but now I realize it’s really important to have full control of what I consume and feel zero qualms about asking for meals the way I like them. Let me know if you try any of my faves and what you think!

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