Nicole - Before & After Nicole Schroeder has always worked out, but she came to The Studio (MDR) when logging hours at the gym wasn’t helping her drop those hard-to-lose last 10 pounds. Not only has she dropped that weight but she’s also toned up in ways she never thought possible. Here’s her story …

What prompted you to start taking classes at The Studio (MDR)?

I’ve always been very focused on being healthy, working out, and doing something for my mind. I used to go to the gym 5 to 6 times a week, where I mostly did cardio. I hit a point where I felt I needed a change to my routine to really get toned. So I actually bought a Lifebooker deal for The Studio (MDR) not knowing what was about to happen to my body and mind. I always liked Pilates and thought, OK let's try this "Pilates" studio. Clearly, I had no idea that this was not a traditional Pilates studio, but I was excited to try it.

My first class was with Mary, and I remember just trying to keep up! Mary was wonderful, and helped me through the class with the correct form and modifications. The one thing she kept repeating that has stuck with me to this day is "tuck your pelvis". I had no clue what she even meant back then! At the end of the class I was sweaty and exhausted but felt good. The day after I was quite sore, and thought to myself, OK I can do this once a week. I now go to The Studio (MDR) 3 to 5 times a week depending on my schedule!

What's been your biggest achievement in class?

Every week and month I have little achievements. My first one was after a couple of months, when I was able to a get through exercises like reverse wheelbarrow, reverse catfish, donkey kickbacks, and scrambled eggs (so incredibly hard for me!) without stopping. Also, my form during the exercises got much better, which Lindsay mentioned several times to me. This made me feel good and pushed me even harder. When I started taking classes, I knew I would hit new achievements, and I did. The biggest one in classes was using two yellow springs instead of one. OMG, it was so hard! When I was able to do reverse catfish with two yellow springs it was an amazing accomplishment for me. The second one happened a few weeks ago when we had to hold a 5-minute plank. I was not able to hold a plank the entire 5 minutes, but I did 2 minutes and 30 seconds, which was a big milestone for myself. Based on all the little achievements I have made during my time at The Studio (MDR), I know my body and mind have gotten much stronger.

How far have you come, and what are your new goals?

Since I started taking classes at The Studio (MDR) I have lost those annoying “last 10 pounds.” My shoulders, arms, and legs are more toned; my posture is better than before, and I finally see some upper abs, which I’m probably most excited about. My new goal is to work even harder and push myself when I want to give up. I’d like to be able to close the carriage while doing a side squat without holding the rope, and I am working on doing reverse plank to pipe without stopping.

It’s hard to find the right words to describe how much of a positive influence The Studio (MDR) has had in my life. Every single person is so helpful, whether it is Lisa, the instructors, the front desk, or the other students. I have gained much more confidence personally and professionally by going to The Studio (MDR).  The energy is so incredibly positive that it is contagious.

Another important aspect of my transformation is something MDR planted in my head. They always tells us that we are beautiful, and that we are doing all of this hard work for us – not anyone else. They tells us that we do not need to change; we need to accept ourselves for who we are. This has been very inspiring to me because it is true. I work out because I want to be healthy, and I want to be in shape. I am not doing it for my boyfriend, for my family, or for any of my friends. It is all because of and for ME.