LisaThe Studio (MDR)’s fearless leader, Lisa Hirsch, talks about the art of letting go, and how doing so is the key to capturing and creating a life that gives you the best shot at becoming your happiest you.  It's a brand new year and The Studio (MDR)’s 3rd birthday. Is it just me, or did 2014 burst onto the scene with enormous positive energy and a great deal of promise?!

When I think about all of the exciting things that are in store for all of us this year, the topic of letting go – and the difficulties in doing so – also comes up. Whether it is a bad habit, social media, an ex-lover, or a friend who no longer enhances your life, it can be so very hard to remove ourselves from these attachments -- even when we know they are no longer good for us. Why is this?

What I have learned is that holding on to someone or something that no longer fulfills us cannot act as a substitute for our inner emptiness. It may be one of the hardest lessons to learn, but we have to try to "let go" of what has become stale and unfulfilling in our lives and work on filling that void with something more pleasing and better suited for who we are. Only then can we make room for the right lover, friend, hobby, etc. to enter our lives in order to succeed in capturing and creating a life that will result in our happiest selves.

So, spend some time thinking about what you need to let go of to help you become a happier, healthier, and more mentally fit person. It may be something very small, or it may be something quite vast and overwhelming. If that’s the case, don't overwhelm yourself and make a change suddenly or all at once. Instead, take a step forward today and plan on how you are going to begin to let go slowly, step by step. Even taking that small step will empower you to move forward to towards your goal of letting go even more.

Life should not be a personal prison; it is meant to be lived to its fullest and can be re-started at ANY age. There are many chapters in our lives, some more rewarding than others. Sometimes we just need a quick reboot to allow new and better experiences to take focus, enabling us to be receptive to things we never dreamed were possible. So, my friends, let's take steps towards creating new and better chapters -- and let us do so together. As always, if you need an ear, I am here.

A big hug and kiss to each of you. Here's to a very special and strong 2014!