Lindsay HallamWant to know what other workouts will best enhance the classes you’re taking at The Studio (MDR)? Each month, we’ll be highlighting our trainers’ exercise logs so we can see what they do to stay looking so fit. Get ready to get inspired by Lindsay’s routine …

MONDAY - JANUARY 6th - The Studio (MDR)

First class back from holiday break and WHOA! This was the longest break I've taken since I started at The Studio (MDR) and I was feeling the burn!! I'm always glad to get back into my routine after leaving town. It's still hard for me to stay on track when I'm out of my element.


I practice what I preach and take a rest day after my (MDR) classes. It's important to rest so your muscles repair, heal and get stronger. When I first started working out at the studio years ago, I came everyday and wasn't noticing any change in my body. It wasn't until I started adding rest days that I started seeing results.


Still sore from Monday but felt great after class!


Normally I would take a rest day, but after indulging a little over the holidays, I'm adding some light cardio to whip myself back into shape. A light cardio based activity on a "rest day" from The Studio (MDR) helps to maintain metabolism and continue to burn fat. Since the rest of the country is experiencing the polar vortex, I thought I would take advantage of the SoCal sun and I went for a light run through the Venice canals.

FRIDAY - JANUARY 10th - The Studio (MDR)

Friday FUNday at The Studio (MDR)! It’s always a great, high-intensity class at (MDR) on Fridays. It's my favorite day to workout. This class REALLY challenged me and I was soaked by the end!

SATURDAY - JANUARY 11th - The Santa Monica Stairs

My first time ever doing the Santa Monica Stairs! I went down and my first thought was, "This is it?" I thought it was going to be a cakewalk. I was wrong. VERY, very wrong. I decided to see how many times I could make it up and down in ten minutes for a quick, light workout. I survived three rounds and had to use the railing as leverage to get myself back up the last few steps. My jello legs barely allowed me the short walk back to my car and I'm not 100% sure I was safe to drive because my leg shook the entire way home!

SUNDAY - JANUARY 12th - Golf Range With Friends

I didn't realize how much I would enjoy this but it turns out there is a lot of satisfaction that comes from whacking golf balls. I went to the golf range in Westchester with a few friends and we had a blast! My legs were still SO sore from class on Friday and the stairs yesterday, but fortunately you stand pretty still when you hit golf balls at the range. :)