LOOK it!

Michelle Richardson

Michelle Richardson is training for the WHFF fitness competition in August, which means she’s been coming to The Studio (MDR) three to four times a week to prepare. Next time you see her, wish her luck in her training!

Meg M.

Meg Motamedia has been with us from the beginning. In addition to taking class with Jessi four times a week, she also runs, spins, and has signed up for two half marathons and a triathlon this year.


Stephanie Nuno recently completed the Whole30 Challenge, where she eliminated ALL processed foods. She’s proof that diet is an integral component to looking your best! Succeeding on this diet challenge, along with a relentless commitment to taking class at The Studio (MDR) three times a week, Stephanie has never looked better.

FEEL it!


Nabila De Roco started coming to The Studio (MDR) in January, and she’s consistently been taking classes three to four times a week ever since. Her commitment, positive energy and big smile is impossible to not notice. We appreciate your good spirit Nabila! It’s contagious.

Bacchus Freedman  IMG_1560

Bacchus Freeman’s love for The Studio (MDR) does not go unnoticed. He's never late and has never—NEVER!—missed a class. And congratulations on your engagement!! We are all so happy for you!

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David Reanick is a performer in Cirque du Soleil’s show Totem, and he is blown away by his workouts at The Studio (MDR): “I can hold handstands for days, but I cant get through one of Dana’s classes,” he says.

Susan Fair Clark

Susan Fair Clark has been an inspiration to all of us. After recovering from an intensive surgery, Susan has been diligently working with Jessi for months. Her positive energy, sincere dedication and ever-present smile lights up everyone working out next to her.

LIVE it!

Jean Okuda

Jean Okuda (this month’s Transformer!) got a new job! She is staying in the same industry but moving to a different investment bank. Her courage to make such a change after building a sustainable career and a family of co-workers is inspiring.

Sandra KimSevil Turner

Our marathon runners -- Sandra Kim, Sevil Turner, Lauren Fulton and Jennifer Lind – are killing it, both in their ToeSox and their running shoes. On March 9th they ran the LA marathon, and credit their workouts at The Studio (MDR) as the best cross-training ever.

Nicole Pollard

Nicole Pollard tied the knot! A longtime devotee of The Studio (MDR), Nicole Pollard married her love, Ari Bayme, in Antigua Guatamala last month and looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day! Our very own Lisa Hirsch was in attendance and couldn't stop raving about how special the day was!