The Studio (MDR) is changing lives. Here are a few highlights …

Who is Looking it?


Hedda Royce

“I commute from Hollywood to the Marina four times a week just to take this class because that's how incredibly awesome the instructors at the studio MDR are! In the past year I have lost 25 pounds. I went from a size 8 to a 2. What is even more impressive is how my entire physique has changed! I have gained lean muscle and lost fat. It's like my entire body vacuumed inwards! I get compliments from everyone. Strangers even ask me what I do for my workouts. The Lagree method works because it challenges your strength by working your core (and every muscle fiber in your body!) and it's a cardiovascular workout because we are constantly changing poses. I love the constant challenge that The Studio (MDR) gives me. I know I am doing everything I can to look my best and that makes me feel confident and sexy!”


Meredith Houston

“When you first arrive at The Studio (MDR), you are met with the lean machine goddesses that you strive to be. The ultra chic yoga wear, delicate jewelry, and top knot buns gently whisper, “I take good care of myself.”  At my first class I was warmly embraced by powerhouse instructor Mary Miller. She confidently assured me that this workout was going to not only change my body, but also change my life. The best part? The instructor’s loud yelling and the motivating anti-traditional Pilates hip-hop music! The hardest part? The serious pain inflicted on every inch of my body after the first class.  I could hardly walk, let alone lift my baby. I am officially a Studio (MDR) junkie. I can’t imagine my days without the classes. It also gives me the boosted energy I need to chase around an active toddler.  I have to be honest.  Every time I park my car and walk into the class, I say to myself, “I don’t know if I can get through it today.” But, I always do. I push through. And I look and feel amazing—stronger than ever.”


Petra Kubankova

“My workouts at The Studio (MDR) have made my body toned. About 20 months ago I gave birth to twin boys. I joined the Studio about 6 months later and I’ve begun to notice significant improvement on all fronts—within a matter of a couple of weeks. I can honestly say that my body is now in better shape than it has ever been. When I started working out at The Studio (MDR) I suffered from horrible back pain and I couldn’t get through the day without some painkiller. I was working with the physiotherapist but it wasn’t helping much. After 5 weeks at The Studio (MDR) I was pain free. And of course it’s been an amazing feeling to have the people around me notice that I’m leaner and toned. I’ve actually gone from size 10 to size 4 without any change in my diet.”

Who is Feeling it?


Devon Britton

“As I move through my life, strength, flexibility and balance are incredibly important. I am improving in all of these areas and I’m FEELING my posture is better than ever! Because of The Studio (MDR) I have fewer aches and pains. The class is an excellent stress relief that flows into my daily life. I have had two knee surgeries. The non-impact aspect of the classes is especially appealing and with the exercise options plus constant resistance, I am able to work at my optimum level every class.”


Barton Siddles

“How can one not 'feel it' when in a class at MDR? I love my workouts now. The burn, the intensity, the sweat, the teachers, the music ... but most importantly, I love the results. The intense workout gives me everything I need, and more, in just 50 minutes. It gives me energy and also reminds me that although something may be hard, in class or in life, it is only temporary—and with work, one can make each situation (in life or in the studio) better with hard work.”


Who is Living it?


Harshit Patel

“I came to the studio after accumulating a set of injuries from beach volleyball, snowboarding and crossfit. My main goals were to be pain free and to re-establish flexibility and mobility in my lower back and legs, especially considering that I had a baby girl coming in a few months and I am going to have to run after her quite a bit in short time. I am happy to say that I am well on my way on the flexibility and strength goals, and it is a major plus that I am pain-free when playing sports and when I have to wake up in the middle of the night to change diapers.”


Tessa Degal

“I just received my M.B.A from Pepperdine University, and The Studio (MDR) has been my sanctuary away from all of the stress that comes along with going to grad school. It's taught me a lot about challenging myself and pushing my potential—lessons that helped me excel during school and that I will take with me as I embark on my career. I don't know if I would have survived grad school without The Studio (MDR)!


Vera Appelyard

“Ziplining in the Costa Rican rainforest was an amazing experience, and something I could not have done a year ago due to a major shoulder injury. The Studio (MDR)—and the amazing, inspiring Jessi—have not only helped me get strong, but have really given me more confidence to try this kind of adventure. I was able to zipline, do whitewater tubing, ride horses, climb a volcano, and hike through steep trails in the rainforest in a way I couldn't have done in the past.  I felt stronger, more energized, and more willing to try something new while in Costa Rica—and The Studio (MDR) has been a big part of this change. Thank you Lisa too for being so supportive!”