Mary - Before & After

This grandmother (and mom to trainer Tina!) just turned 60—and everyone is telling her she’s “sexy and 60!” Here’s her story …

1. How did you find The Studio (MDR) and how were you feeling before you took your first class?

I found the studio through my daughter, Tina, who is an instructor at The Studio (MDR). I love working out but found it difficult to motivate myself to go to the gym at times. The minute I took my first class at The Studio (MDR), I became obsessed. I drive from Torrance to take classes! I spend about 6 hours of just drive time to work out here—and I have a gym around the block from me and in my spare room at home. But spending the time getting to classes is worth it. Not only are my clothes fitting better, but my strength has also changed drastically. I love feeling strong after just turning 60. I am a grandmother, and The Studio (MDR) has definitely made me feel young and strong when I’m chasing my grandkids and doggies around.

2. Describe your first class.

My first class —don’t ask me what I was thinking! I felt weak but so motivated. The energy made me feel determined. I was immediately addicted and knew instantly that this workout would become a part of my ritual. Now this is the only exercise I do. For me, three times a week at The Studio (MDR) and eating as healthy as possible is keeping me where I want to be in life. Even my doctor has noticed a huge difference.

3. What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

I have to say that “Bear” is my nemesis move. I find it so hard after having a hysterectomy. I feel so weak in my lower abs after that surgery, but all of the modifications make me feel like I am still hitting the same muscles. I can just hold a plank or go to the front and I know that slowly but surely I will be able to do “Bear” for the entire 60 seconds without breaking or modifying.

4. What’s been your biggest victory so far?

My biggest victory is knowing that I am stronger than ever. I know this is mind over matter. I can walk into The Studio (MDR) with a headache or just feeling exhausted and leave knowing that I feel better. I am constantly transforming mentally and physically. I just turned 60 on April 1st and I can honestly say I have never felt better. I feel strong and comfortable in my skin. My friends and family say I am “Sexy and Sixty.” As much as that slightly embarrasses me, it is quite a compliment and very flattering!

5. What are your fitness and life goals going forward, and how are your workouts at The Studio (MDR) going to help you achieve those goals?

My current goal is to eat cleaner. Tina is always challenging me and asking me about my diet and what I’m cooking. I notice such a difference not only in how flat my stomach is when I eat clean, but also that I am stronger in class.

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