The Studio (MDR) is changing lives. Here are a few highlights ...

Who’s LOOKING it?


Michelle Master

When I came to The Studio (MDR), I was just coming off of a very challenging two years. For most of my life I was on medication to help with an auto immune condition that left me covered head to toe in a painful rash. Despite the medication, I had also developed chronic fatigue, arthritis, adrenal failure and uncontrollable weight gain, so I decided to take myself off of the medication and take my health into my own hands. I tried everything, including having my back broken in 2 places (on purpose), after which my only exercise was meant to be walking or dancing. It was a long healing process and the weight just wouldn't budge. And then I came to The Studio (MDR). My workouts at The Studio have tightened my core, defined my arms and legs, and finally the excess weight is coming off. My flexibility has increased, I have energy again, and I have much less pain in my joints. I don't weigh myself or count calories (I'm a private chef so that would be impossible, lol) but I feel stronger than ever! I'm also way more confident wearing the minimal amount of clothing required for my other passion: pole dancing. I receive compliments on my physique all the time and strangers frequently stop me to ask what I do for a workout. Of course I'm proud to tell them all about how amazing The Studio (MDR) is! And it's not just the workout. It's the energy, the inspiration, and the love that you instantly feel when you walk through the door. Words could never express my gratitude for how  everyone consistently inspire me to be my best self—not just physically but in every way.


Christina Malizia

The workouts at The Studio (MDR) have helped me tighten up my post pregnancy body. Having two kids under 2, my body looks better than before having kids and I can honestly say that's because of the classes at (MDR). My body responded in the first 3 classes. My core is starting to show a six pack?! My legs are showing long, lean lines, and my arms are so strong. My wow moment was when I looked in the mirror about a month ago and started to see abdominal definition. My "trouble zone" has always been my stomach area.  After taking classes for the past two months, I can really see a strong, tight core developing. Having babies gave me excess abdominal skin. In just a couple months, classes at (MDR) have tightened my skin to the point that it looks better than it did pre-pregnancy.

I had my second baby 7 months ago and even though I didn't have trouble losing pounds, it's been very difficult to tighten up my core. No amount of cardio or weights will give me the results that just two months of (MDR) classes has.  Working out has always been apart of my daily life, however I can easily get "bulky muscles".  (MDR) has helped my body get lean and lengthen while sculpting new muscles I've never seen before.

My husband and I are hooked. Thank you for changing my body!


Who’s FEELING it?


Gen Yamaski

Miserable. That is what I was "FEELING" during my first class back in November last year. I could hold less than 15 seconds for most of the movements and I thought I could never survive the class. Seven months have passed since then. I have come to (MDR) at least three times a week constantly and that improved my body shape and fitness level more than I could’ve ever imagined! Moreover, every time I finish the workout I feel a small success, and all the stress I had before the class disappeared. No other workouts have given me such a great feeling, and I am sure I will continue working out at The Studio (MDR) as long as I live in LA.


Kristi Weaver-Szewczyk and Derek Szewczyk

We never believed in love at first sight until we met each other. And we certainly never believed in love at first class until our 5 a.m. with Jessi. We usually sign up for trial periods at other studios/gyms because we get bored easily and aren’t convinced we will see results, but with The Studio (MDR), we were smitten from the start. It has now become part of our lifestyle. Feeling healthy and energetic are just side effects from a good workout, but at The Studio (MDR) we feel at our all-time best after each class: happy, confident and strong. These are our favorite days of the week. After each sweat sesh, we encounter what we call “the happiness effect” where you feel like you weigh 5lbs less than when you started, ready to take the mirror and scale head on, energized to start the day and happy that you’ve just done something good for yourself. The stresses in life become a bit easier these mornings.

Jessi has taught us the power of the mind and body by challenging us each class with new moves or telling us our body is only as weak as our mind. She pushes us to hold a position for just 20 more seconds (and anyone who has taken a class knows that 20 seconds feels like an eternity). The Studio (MDR) definitely changes the shape of your body in the best way possible. You can feel and see the difference month over month. We have become stronger, leaner and more toned since our first class. Personally, The Studio has allowed me to take on my Type 1 Diabetes with more ease. It’s been a struggle since being diagnosed 7 years ago to find a workout where my BG levels remain consistent throughout the entire workout while keeping my heart rate up. For this I feel very grateful!

With the discovery of The Studio (MDR) there is really no need for us to keep searching for the next best thing, because we've already found it.


Who’s LIVING it?                         


Knut Grevle

Taking classes at The Studio (MDR) has definitely increased my activity level overall.  I am less tired and a lot more motivated to handle any task I may run into. One example of that was The Camp Pendleton 10K Mud Run a few weeks back. I was sore, but I made it and plan to do more of those kind of events in the future. My wife Jen got me into (MDR) about a year ago (right around the time we got married), but I really didn't get serious about it until 2014, when I started trying to go at least 3 times a week.  I still need to fit cardio in, but (MDR) does make up for some of that. I feel a whole lot stronger but I know I have a long way to go...I am a work in progress and look forward every time I come to the studio because it is guaranteed to bring pain, sweat and results.


Tina Huang

One lesson I’ve learned from taking classes at The Studio (MDR) is to not automatically say “I can’t.”  For example, if you asked me to run any distance longer than three miles a year ago, I would’ve scoffed at the idea and said “No way. I can’t.”  It was literally an absurd and impossible concept to me.  But this year, when a friend suggested/tricked me into running a half marathon, I agreed to try. I still wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I knew from working out at (MDR) that if I trained consistently—and patiently—I could improve and give myself the best chance at reaching my goal.  I mean, that’s how we were able to conquer the dreaded bear, plank to pike, and five-minute plank, right?  So, armed with a training plan (I do best with structure) and a little encouragement from friends, I started to run. Just a little bit at first, then slowly increasing the mileage each week until the race.  And to my amazement, I not only crossed the finish line, but actually beat my goal time.  Now, while I still wouldn’t call myself a “runner” (maybe more of a “slow jogger”?), I also know that with the proper training and persistence, my body can do what I ask it to.