Sure, they look amazingly strong—but there are still moves that make your trainers go “OW!” Here, they spill the beans.  


“Any standing, leaning and kneeling long jump—muther-F----er!!! The thing that always gets me is that I know it's coming after an already brutal leg series or even worse, it just pops up at the end if a class just to put the "finishing touches” on my ass! I mean c'mon, it's just a few minutes standing on one leg, not moving. How bad could it be?! Well, that's what I tell myself anyway. I've made it my personal mental mission to conquer it every class. Happiness is long, lean stems!” Jessi


“The Stationary Lunge is the worst! I hate it because when done properly, it fires both legs and creates a radiating, constant and, let's be real, miserable burn. Usually the exercises you hate are the ones you need the most!” Lindsay


“Giant plank-to-pike on your elbows is a killer!” Mary

“Standing/leaning long jump on the back platform and mega kicks off back get me every time!” Dana 


“Oh man, I agree with Dana! Mega Kicks for sure, and Chatarunga hold—especially these past couple weeks!” Trish


“I actually feel pretty strong in Teaser to Pike for the first few movements. But inevitably, as the clock ticks away, the short, constant contraction of my oblique exhausts me, and I'm thankful when we move into the next exercise.” Rachel