Holiday Not gaining a pound during the feeding frenzy that is the holiday season may sound about as feasible as holding plank on your elbows for five minutes straight. But just like that formidable plank that we promise is possible, so is ringing in 2015 in even better shape than you’re in now. Truth.

To help you stay on track even when your mother-in-law puts another glass of eggnog in your hand, here are The Studio (MDR)’s favorite tips. Keep them in mind—and keep showing up to class on the regs—and watch yourself look even hotter at that New Year’s Eve party.


  1. Be a social butterfly. The more party time you spend catching up with friends and meeting new people, the less focused you’ll be on the mini quiches and mac ‘n cheese bites. At the very least, choose a spot away from the buffet table: Research shows the closer we’re situated to food, the more we’ll actually consume.
  2. Talk a friend into joining you at The Studio (MDR). You know the “buddy” rule you’ve read a million times in magazines, about how working out with a friend keeps you on track? Well, it works—and studies show exercising with a partner may actually help you perform better on aerobic tasks (hello, 50-minute Studio (MDR) class!).
  3. Cave in to your cravings. Yep, that’s right. We’re telling you to go ahead and splurge. That’s because if you forbid yourself from sipping on hot cocoa or eating those Christmas cookies, it’ll likely only make those foods more attractive—and prompt you to binge on unhealthy foods as a result. So, go ahead and have your fruitcake and eat it, too—in moderation.
  4. Pre-game with veggies and water. Five hours before the holiday party or gathering, start chugging water like it’s your job. Then, load up on fiber-rich fruits and veggies—or make a beeline for the crudités platter. There is one definite way to say “no” to even the most tempting-looking, unhealthy fat-filled foods, and that’s stuffing yourself with the good stuff so you’re literally too full to overindulge on the unhealthier grub.
  5. Be the guest that brings something healthy (yet still delish). If your go-to excuse for gorging on the unhealthy options at a party goes something like, “But there were no better options,” it’s time to be that guest who insists on bringing a dish. A massive salad, platter of sushi, or gorgeous array of raw fruits and veggies is the kind of contribution that’ll wow your host—and give you a healthy option to chow down on.