Resolution Want to make sure 2015 is different and you stay committed to your dreams and goals this year? Here are the expert-approved secrets you need.


Set realistic goals. One of the main reasons we struggle to keep resolutions is that our goals aren’t practical. Most people aim too high and consequently bail when they don’t see immediate success. The result? Frustration, angst, and having that extra slice of pizza or scoop of ice cream with a “who cares” attitude. So, set realistic goals and break them down between long- and short-term aims. You might also consider setting several smaller goals that are easier to attain than your big goal. With each little success, you’re more likely to become more motivated.

Jump “back on the horse” immediately. If you find that you’ve slipped from your plan, don’t wait until ‘Monday’ to start again. Instead, reintroduce the new habit as soon as possible to avoid guilt and developing unhealthy patterns.

Forgive yourself. Silencing our inner critics can be seriously tough—but crucial if we’re going to hit our goals. Here’s how Gabrielle Bernstein does it: In a quiet moment, go through the list of ways you attack yourself. Next to each attack write: I forgive this and I release this. Setting the intention to forgive yourself sets the practice in motion. Bernstein does this practice whenever she detours into fear-based thoughts or actions. Whenever you notice self-attack set in, simply say, “I forgive myself and I release this thought.” It’s an amazing practice for maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself.

Give yourself a pat on the back. Take time to recognize your progress, no matter how insignificant it may seem. All too often we beat ourselves up about what we’re not doing and how we haven’t done enough, which doesn’t do anything for our progress. Instead, treat yourself for meeting your goals, even small ones. For instance, if you’ve committed to making it to The Studio (MDR) three times a week, promise yourself a reward, such as a new workout top or water bottle at the end of the week. Even better? Have a special reward in mind for when you reach your final goal.