AnaHanlon My name:  Ana Hanlon

Studio (MDR) member since: 2014

Perfect day:  Sipping margaritas by the sea

Song that makes me bust out my best dance moves:  Any R&B or Hip Hop

Favorite Studio (MDR) move:  Plank to Push Up to Bear to Pike on the rails

Most dreaded move: Plié Squats

First job/current job: Swap Meet selling jeans/House Frau

The movie I could watch 50 million more times: Any Harry Potter movie

Guilty pleasure: The Beverly Hills Cheese Store

Favorite yoga pants: Wonder Unders

Go-to post-workout nosh: Almond Perfect Bar

Can’t go to sleep without: Feeding Simon (my cat) treats

Why I love The Studio (MDR):  It is humbling, in a good way.