Whit The Studio (MDR) has a track record of bringing people together. Here’s a look at how Whitney and Dan took classes at (MDR) to get ready for their March 28th nuptials—and got even closer to each other in the process.

How did you find The Studio (MDR)?

We live just around the corner (MDR) West and would pass it frequently on our way to the beach. I was a lifelong runner and burnt out and looking for something new. I took one class and got my rear-end kicked soundly! I told Dan he had to try it, so he started taking classes a few weeks later.

How has this shared experience impacted your relationship? 

We started taking Jessi's 5a.m. class twice a week. We sometimes go to other classes separately, but we prefer to go together. I have to say it's impacted our relationship in a kind of profound way. There are moments in the workout that are so hard, and your brain is on fire and you're grinding through that burn with your mind is telling you to stop. You want to just let go, then you look over at the person you love more than anything, right there in it with you, and you give each other the fortitude to get through it. Then you can sweatily hug it out afterwards.


Whitney, was dress shopping more fun because of how fit you became? 

Oh yeah! I wouldn't say I was overweight, per se, before I started working out at (MDR). But I had no muscle definition and was about 10 pounds heavier than I am now. My dress was strapless, and (MDR) was instrumental in improving the tone in my arms and back.


Dan, how did you feel knowing that you were getting fitter and stronger before your wedding day?

It had been about five years since I'd worked out, and it feels good to be taking care of and respecting my body. It sets the right tone to start this new chapter in our lives.


Will you continue working out at (MDR) now that you’re married?

Yes! I have done lots of sports and many of the branded workouts popular in LA, and none have changed my body and mind while protecting me from injury like the workouts at (MDR). There's something about it that is addictive—the pace, feeling yourself get stronger as weeks go by. The results are quick and the instructors are terrific. We feel very lucky it's nearby.