Founder of The Studio (MDR), Lisa Hirsch, talks about making the most of the inevitable.

One of the things I love most about running The Studio (MDR) is that it is literally an agent of change. Come to class wanting more defined abs or a perkier booty? Poof—put in the work and the rewards are yours. I watch so many of you change your bodies and truly transform, becoming so much healthier, happier, and feeling the kind of energy boost that comes along with investing in your well-being. It’s amazing to witness! 

Observing this kind of change also inspires me to see additional possibilities outside The Studio (MDR)’s walls. When I am faced with challenges these days, I start thinking of possible solutions rather than harping on what’s not working. I see injustices in the world and try to figure out a way I can help, even if it’s only a small contribution. All of this positivity and potential for change is not only uplifting and inspiring, but it’s also given me a new outlook on so many things, which, before now, I often took for granted or simply didn’t see very clearly. Which is why I’m finding it even trickier to face what I know I can’t change—and for me, right now, that topic is age.

 Don’t get me wrong—I’m still going to love it when my birthday rolls around every November. And I know that age is just a number... what really matters is how you feel. Still...We all know that time is going to march on, and when so much in life is so changeable, it can be tough to realize that some things, well, just aren’t.

Recently, I was chatting with a friend about all of this, and she could relate.  Last year it seemed she had all the time in the world to get her workouts in three times a week. Then, life threw her a major curve ball, and now she's battling breast cancer. Obviously, her priorities have shifted, and she’s focused on her treatment—in addition to all of her other demands. And, if she’s able to, she fits in a workout once a week. I admire her so much. Talk about having to face a big change, and she’s doing it with class, grace, and even a hefty dose of humor. Maybe there’s an area in your life, too, that feels discouraging. Perhaps you’re taking care of a sick parent, facing a career change or, like me, you’re wondering how the heck you can be 40-something when you still feel like you’re 31. What I’m learning as I face my own “stuff” is that the unchangeable is a part of life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t transform your view about it and embrace it.  

Right now I’m reading Cameron Diaz’s new book, “The Longevity Book,” which I am loving.  Like Cameron, I have never lied about my age and genuinely believe that there are 5 pillars of well-being: good nutrition; movement of the body; a good night's sleep (rest); stress release; and meaningful, connected, loving relationships. Aging is truly a gift. This is something I am very aware of as life can change on a dime and there are those who don't get the opportunity to celebrate that next birthday...So we need to wrestle with our mind to stop stressing about what could be and concentrate on the enjoying the moment and valuing its existence.  We cannot control or stop the aging process but we surely can embrace the youthfulness of our thoughts and actions!

 What I know for sure is that during times when you feel like there’s nothing you can do about a totally unchangeable situation, taking one little action step toward something can make you feel like a million bucks. For me, I’m focusing on filling my life with as many things that I love and that fulfill me. I'm concentrating on finding social issues that interest me and where I can make a meaningful difference. If I have to get older, damn it, I’m going to do it in the best shape of my life and make conscientious choices that help me feel happier than ever with every extra birthday candle I make a wish on. I’m also ever-inspired by all of you beautiful souls who are changing before my eyes and showing me that no matter what’s in store, leaning on those you love and the communities you’ve built makes everything better. 

With so much love and admiration for you, The Studio (MDR) community, 

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