Founder of The Studio (MDR), Lisa Hirsch, talks about renewal and personal goals for the season..

September always signifies a time of renewal in my mind. The kids go back to school, the weather changes in some parts of the country, and I get flashbacks to when we couldn't wear white after Labor Day. There is always excitement in the air! This year is certainly no different.

I was away for the Labor Day holiday weekend and actually took time to have fun and relax. I returned feeling renewed. I can’t tell you how much I loved coming back to the many emails and greetings from clients about how much The Studio (MDR) and the Lagree Method has changed them—even though the workout is incredibly hard. As I read the same question from so many of you—“Why doesn't it get easier?!”—I could relate. Truth be told, this workout hasn’t gotten easier for me, either. Yet think of it this way: I’ve seen this workout make you stronger, leaner, and longer—not just in your bodies but in your minds, too. Doesn’t it feel amazing when you start to hit small goals when you come back to The Studio two, then three times a week? First it might be holding plank for 5 seconds on your hands and toes. Then all of a sudden you hold it for 30 and by the time you know it, it's a minute! Sure, some days are going to feel easier than others, but if you take a step back and look at your overall experience at The Studio (MDR) - and at life itself - it’s my sincere hope that we have added a smile to your face and helped you feel a sense of renewal, too. I truly believe this workout empowers you to feel and be more than you already are.

What we have strived to create at The Studio (MDR) is a place where there is no judgment. Where people, no matter who they are or from what walk of life, can feel comfortable at whatever fitness level they are at, taking the Total Body class and modifying it or going for more of an advanced class and up-leveling everything. I am committed to making our studio a place where you can ask questions, express concerns, and see the change that arise from your dedication. I hope that is what you are experiencing. Whether you are or are not, I want to hear about it. Most of all, let's jump into this amazing season of new energy together and help each other hit our goals and achieve our wildest dreams.
Here's to you, and here's to a great Fall ahead!

Big hug,