We are excited to officially welcome two new trainers to The Studio(MDR) family! Grace Baen and Brittany Grasmick are Lagree Certified trainers who recently completed The Studio(MDR)’s rigorous six-month training program. Our studio prides itself on fostering the highest quality trainers in the business, and these two are no exception. They have proven themselves to be incredible assets to our training staff, and we couldn’t be prouder or more confident in them to train our rock star clients.


Grace hails all the way from San Marcos, Texas. She attended college in her home state at Texas State University where she received her BFA in Performance & Choreography. She moved to LA nearly four years ago to pursue a career as a choreographer and dancer. However, as fate would have it, she shattered her left ankle the first weekend she arrived, and her doctors predicted she’d never dance again.

Fast forward to 2016 when she was working at a law firm in Beverley Hills, a colleague recommended she try a class at The Studio(MDR) because of its low impact benefits on strength building and flexibility. She took her first class with Lindsay Hallam a week later and quickly discovered her new passion for Lagree Fitness. Over the course of the past two years, The Studio(MDR) has helped her regain the physical strength to walk again, and she has begun to dance again too and is feeling the strongest and healthiest she ever has.  

Grace says: “In a city where competition is everywhere, all the time, The Studio(MDR) reminds you that the only person you should be in competition with is who you were yesterday. The knowledge, safety, camaraderie, support, and the true desire for everyone to just be who they are and give their best are just a few of the reasons that I will always call The Studio (MDR), ‘home’.” 

Grace is a born athlete and teaches our Lagree classes as gracefully as she dances (must be in the name!)

Fun Facts About Grace:

She likes: volunteering; traveling; dancing; her large and loud family; Mosaic Church, Texas; queso; anything SPICY; attempting to surf; exchanging great ideas through conversations; sunrises; and the power of the human body, mind and spirit

She dislikes: being cold, gas prices, and mean people

Her party tricks include: making tons of bad jokes



Brittany was raised in Colorado and attended school at The University of Boulder Colorado. She is a huge Buffs fan, and was actually sorority sisters with The Studio(MDR)’s head trainer, Mary Miller, in Pi Beta Phi. She received her law degree at Loyola University, Chicago School of Law and is an entertainment lawyer here in LA.

Brittany has always been a fitness fanatic. She loves to ski (especially when she’s home), cycling, cross fit, biking, skating, surfing – you name it! When she moved to Los Angeles in 2015, she saw her old friend Mary’s studio featured in a local magazine, and quickly stopped by for her first class. Being as active as she was, she thought it’d be a breeze. Low and behold, it was one of the most challenging classes she ever took. She quickly discovered that nothing lengthened and toned her body quite like The Studio(MDR). And the best part: the results came so quickly! She loves the intensity of the workout and the individualized attention of the trainers here.

  • Brittany says: “The Studio(MDR) rivals all other Lagree studios. Being part of this community and conquering this intense workout has given me a newfound confidence in myself. Friends who knew of the Lagree method and who also know my love for health, music, teaching, and connecting with people, thought that I'd be a great teacher and encouraged me to join the training program. And here we are! Training at The Studio(MDR) has required persistence, self motivation and many hours to perfecting the craft. I couldn’t be prouder to be part of this elite team of instructors.”

Fun Facts About Brittany:

She Likes: Her blue French Bulldog named Frank; meditation; learning how to surf; a band called 'The 1975'; Blue Bottle coffee; and her new nephew Toland 

She Dislikes: Pigeons and chalkboards 

Her party tricks include: Latte art and rapping