If you’ve ever taken Jessi’s classes at The Studio (MDR) you know that she delivers a good workout. What you might not know is that she is a certified nutrition expert and food strategist with experience as a chef! She is constantly giving helpful nutrition advice at the studio about what we should be eating and it has been a serious game changer to our fitness. To share the wealth, we invited Jessi to debunk some of the most common nutrition myths out there like working out on an empty stomach or going overboard on protein. Take it away Jessi!

How much do we love the Megaformer? Yep, thought so. You love it and hate it at the same time. It transforms our bodies and challenges us on some deep mental and physical levels. The athletic walk out stronger and the beginners walk out hopeful for where this new journey is going to take them.

Have you more often than not finished a class and said to your teacher “that was so hard today”? Wouldn’t you agree that all this effort and energy your body puts forth during this fifty-minute fitness ride warrants some fuel? As a teacher, former bodybuilding competitor, private chef, Pilates & Lagree instructor and certified nutritionist I have put the time into learning what it takes to fuel your body properly for a workout. But so often I am confronted by people that are making nutrition mistakes that throw off their game more than they know so…let’s BUST-A-MYTH (or two)!

MYTH: Eat tons of protein before a workout
FACT: Carbs and fat are the most optimal fuel source before tackling a high-intensity fitness class. Protein is what you save for the “post workout” re-fuel and repairing of muscles. Try this smoothie for post-fuel.

MYTH: Working out on an empty stomach can burn more fat.
FACT: If you’re looking to feel dizzy and weak then workout on an empty stomach…a drop in blood sugar isn’t a fun experience! Alternatively, I recommend eating 1/2 hour before your sweat sesh, so nutrients have time to absorb, breakdown and supply the proper energy. Eating is the new strong!

MYTH: If I eat before my workout I will get cramps.
FACT: If you eat 1/2 hour before your workout, you should not get cramps. A few of my fave go-to's and gentle-on-the-tummy foods include:
- Sweet potato
- Whole-wheat toast with a nut butter or avocado
- Oatmeal with cinnamon & walnuts
- Granola bar or my fave homemade Matcha Chocolate Date Bar

MYTH: I ate balanced meals all day so I don’t need to eat before a late evening class.
FACT: You still need that energy to make it through that 4th plank. Have a light nibble and then throw some protein in that bod post-workout like a protein smoothie or some lean meat. Your muscles are begging for that repair, but try to be mindful of eating heavy right before bedtime.

To sum it up, you want your wits about you when embarking in a The Studio (MDR) class - it requires thinking fast, executing precise movements, making smart choices and mindfulness to avoid injury. Proper care and feeding of your muscular system will get you one step closer to your body composition goal.

If your mind is exploding right now rest assured, I know this may be a lot of new information. It can be challenging to navigate through all the science behind nutrition on your own sometimes. I became a nutritionist because I have been in this position of feeling confused about food and I wanted answers. I’d be honored to be that sound, factual, smart voice for those of you who need guidance. I’d love to talk nutrition with you after class or you can email me here to answer any questions that may have come up!