(MDR) client and certified holistic health coach Moniqua Plante shares nutrition tips and tricks for eating healthy that are perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. She is all about keeping your glow while on the go with new ideas for healthy snacking, easy small meals and hacks to sneak in nutrient dense greens everyday so we thought we’d share the 411 with you. Take it away Moniqua!

We are all busy, right? And ideally you've taken some time out of your week to do a lil meal prep, right? Uh huh. Look, I'm the queen of meal prep, but there are times when even my schedule is so off the chain, I just can’t get it done.  Then (shocker!) I find myself out and about—and STARVING.

Making better food choices at home and on the road will have an uber positive impact on your life as a whole. Your energy levels will soar, you'll sleep better and you'll be happy and healthy from the inside out.

So let’s just get down to business. When hunger hits and you missed the meal prep, here are my Top Five Tips to help you keep your glow while on the go.

1) Find the Fresh Food
If you're on the road and choose to stop at a fast-food joint, your food choices are limited to say the least. If you stop at a grocery store instead, you open your choices up to some whole and healthy options—fruits, bagged carrots, nuts, hummus—and if there is a salad bar, you’re golden!

2) Play it Smart - Pack Some Snacks
Okay, so you’re on the road and you don't have access to food at regular intervals—what do you do? You probably skip meals and make bad choices cause you’re ready to eat your own arm. The problem with this scenario is that your body responds as if it’s starving and goes into survival mode—cue the cortisol levels, then your metabolism slows way down to prevent you from dying of starvation.

So as an arm-eating alternative, be smart and always bring some healthy snacks with you. Keep some non-perishables in your car or bag, then pack perishable items in a little soft cooler if you can’t stock them in a refrigerator at the office. Keep it simple like nuts and seeds, homemade trail mix, veggies and hummus, Mary’s Crackers and avocado, fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs, maybe some unsweetened greek yogurt and berries. Boom, it’s that simple.

3. Keep Your Brain and Body Boosted
So, you’re busy and you skip a meal or two, no biggie, right? Wrong. There’s evidence that missing meals can negatively impact sugar and glucose levels in the body and can cause weight gain. Your body simply needs a steady supply of fuel to function properly.
Eating small amounts of healthy real food throughout the day will keep your body burning those calories more quickly. It also is a great way to keep your blood sugar stable—helping you stay energized and focused.

4. Get your Greens to Go
Greens are the number one nutrient dense food and also the number one food missing from the American diet. So, if you didn’t get a chance to whip up that green smoothie before you ran out the door, carry your greens with you. Powdered greens packets like Amazing Grass' Superfoods Packets are perfect for going green on the go. You can simply mix these packets with water and voila!

5. Conquer your Cravings
When you're constantly on the move, it's so important to avoid foods that drain your energy, fog your focus and diminish your mood.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Avoid Simple Carbs and High Glycemic Foods—sodas, juices, sugary snacks, breads and pastries
  • Ditch the Deep-Fried Foods
  • No Non-Fat, Low Fat Fake Foods and Sweeteners—these “foods” are loaded with chemicals that your body literally can't process
  • Pass on the Partially Hydrogenated Products—like non dairy creamer, Jiffy-style peanut butter, margarine, and most packaged baked goods
  • Back Off the Booze
  • Stay Hydrated -- don’t mistake thirst for hunger

With all these tips in mind, I created the Busy Gal’s On-The-Go Guide to help you always find your way to healthy habits. I break down snacking into three levels - Prime, Preferred and Primo. This way you can always find something healthy to enjoy no matter where you are—or how much time to have to grab a quick bite between meetings. Plus, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite recipes from my secret stash, like Sassy Sweet Potato Chips, to create ahead of time and keep on hand for those hangry emergencies.

This free downloadable guide will be your pocket pal to keep your sanity intact and your energy levels soaring no matter what the week throws at you. Download your copy here!

LOVE + Real Food,
Moniqua Plante