Super inspired by (MDR) client, Shentale, so we're putting the spotlight on her for all her hard work! Get the low down on what she's overcome and her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Take it away, Shentale...

"After several sinus surgeries, my body was left in the most out-of-shape state I’ve ever experienced. Rather than getting depressed, I decided to get positive and regain back a healthy body. Being in my 40s, my prolonged illness taught me the extremely valuable lesson that without one’s health, one’s quality of life is greatly diminished. With this lesson in mind, I reset my financial priorities and decided to invest in my health as a preventive measure.

As such…enter the Studio (MDR). All gyms, like exercise routines, are not created equal! A former trainer of mine referred me to the Studio (MDR) after my doctor cleared me to exercise.

In July of 2016, I began attending Essential classes. It’s been four months since I was gently encouraged to move to the more challenging Total Body sessions. What I’ve discovered is that even though I still rely on modifying some of the moves, I always feel one step closer to my goal at the end of each class. It is motivating and reassuring when one focuses and actively works toward a set goal. Also, the instructors are keen to ensure that all moves are done properly.

The atmosphere is very professional, positive, friendly and inspiring as well. Patience is urged from the instructors, the staff and the owner, Lisa. In one word my experience has been: Fabulous!

Paired with a healthy meal plan, a cardio routine, determination and consistency, the desired physical as well as emotional results will come if an individual is determined. From Mega Stretch, to Essentials and the ever-challenging Total Body, all of the Lagree method classes are rewarding while the instructors are attentive and incredibly encouraging.

As a writer, I’m well versed that achieving optimal physical shape is akin to sculpting one’s body, which in turn is like crafting a well-written story. And although this particular chapter in my personal, nonfiction tale is yet to be complete, I highly anticipate a very happy ending upon attaining my fitness goals. However, that will only be the completion of one chapter with many more to come pertaining to the overall desire of maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

I firmly and strongly recommend those who wish to engage in an effective workout regimen, whether if just beginning your fitness journey or desiring to maintain an existing one, to check out any of the three locations of the Studio (MDR). With patience being your top priority: Put in the work. Put in the time. Prepare for fabulous results. You will not be disappointed!"