The other evening I was at an industry dinner and someone asked me: “What word comes to mind to describe you at this moment.”  I replied, “Can I have two words?”


Those are the words that came to me. 

When it comes to fear, I am a blend of fearless and being afraid. I have been fearless in my professional endeavors, overcoming many odds to plan, build, and open three (MDR) studios, with more on the way. But I am aware of a somewhat fearful side, which I am always working on. One example?  My recent attempt to swim with sharks in Bora Bora. (Yes, I did actually get in the water with them and somehow managed to free my hands from the boat.) I’m also striving to be less independent—born out of a fear of always having to take care of myself. I know it may sound strange, but after living alone for the past 20 years or so and not being married, it’s been a little bit of a shock to my system to actually settle into being married. Don’t get me wrong—I am not complaining. I cherish what I now have and value my soulmate, who I opened my heart to fully and accepted him into mine. Yet what I know for sure now is that marriage is a huge deal, and it is inspiring me to be more fearless in letting my long-standing independence dwindle a bit. 

One tactic that’s helping me look at my fears and become more fearless is trying to live in the moment rather than dwell on the past. I think all of us can relate to wanting to do a better job of this. I've come to realize there’s beauty in acknowledging what I have, being thankful for it, and then letting go of what was. In our aim to move forward and embrace a newfound fearlessness, we need to acknowledge and put aside what is no longer ours and open ourselves up to allowing a new chapter to commence. And when we can do this, we’re living from a heart-centered place, which is where the real magic happens. 

New chapters come with new beginnings, new emotions and endless possibilities. Embracing the new and unexpected can only be accomplished when you open up your big, beautiful heart to never-before-experienced adventures. It means taking chances and exploring the unexpected. None of us can ever really know what’s waiting around all the corners we’ll face in this life. But if we can open our hearts and face our fears, the possibilities become endless. 

Big hug,