Lisa Hirsch-Solomon for Lululemon Los Angeles

Lisa Hirsch-Solomon for Lululemon Los Angeles

It is becoming increasingly unfathomable that yet another year has literally flown by!  And, to make the passage of time that much more impactful... how can I now be turning 47?? I love celebrating birthdays but with so much going on in the world, I almost feel guilty doing so. …So much of it is heartbreaking and most concerning. BUT, if you find a ray of light in the midst of it all, positivity breeds positivity and love is contagious.  And it helps to breed “hope.”

Life has endless twists and turns, ups and downs but if we all come together and unite as a community, we only get stronger.  Not only in times of need but always. I see this at our studios with how our clients support each other, in women’s Entrepreneur panels that I attend and the love that flows  between friends and family. A smile to a stranger or an extended hand to a person in need, can go a very long way.

Let’s all do our part to help make a difference, whether it’s saying a prayer for those in need or taking in people who have lost their homes for a few nights or donating food, supplies, time to people and animals.

This Sunday, November 18th, my actual birthday, all proceeds from The Studio (MDR)’s classes will go to the Los Angeles Fire Department.  There are not enough words to say thank you to all the brave individuals that have done and continue to do so much to protect people and animals.  

And as my 47th year starts to take shape, I vow to continue to encourage and promote positivity throughout my community of friends and acquaintances. If I only manage to positively influence even a handful, I will have succeeded in my contribution to helping make our world a better place.

My gratitude to each of you for allowing me into your world...  

Birthday hugs and have a Happy Thanksgiving.