Carly Hebert has been a Studio(MDR) client for years, so when she got pregnant, she was not wiling to give up her beloved workout. Carly quickly became a devoted member of the MegaMamas crew (with an occasional traditional class thrown in), learning how to navigate her changing body while staying healthy and happy. Here, we ask the mom-to-be about what her experience has been like working out while pregnant and how (MDR) has helped her stay true to herself and feel good throughout her pregnancy.

 Why do you love The Studio(MDR) workout?

I’ve been a (MDR) client for over five years. The first time I did the workout, I felt muscles I didn’t even know existed, and from there I was hooked. I love how the Lagree Method is a challenging workout that leaves you sweaty and sore but also stretches and lengthens your body at the same time. I have tried [similar] studios around LA and have found that none compare to the workout and inviting atmosphere provided by The Studio(MDR).

How has your workout changed since getting pregnant and have you been working out the whole time?

I’m currently 24 weeks, and my workout has changed a lot since being pregnant. I used to really push and test myself. Being pregnant has brought me into a different headspace where I have to take it easy. I modify often to save energy and make my body feel comfortable. I have worked out throughout my entire pregnancy and plan to do so until the end. I have found that pregnancy can be very challenging as you go through both emotional and physical changes. Working out has always been a form of therapy for me, a time to clear my head and recharge my spirit, which is even more important during pregnancy. 

When did you start taking MegaMamas, and why did that class appeal to you?

I started taking MegaMamas class when I was around 12 weeks but wish I had even started earlier. I was taking normal (MDR) classes and yoga, but I never really knew what I should or shouldn’t be doing. It can be confusing and scary when you don’t know what is safe for your body. I took MegaMamas to learn which positions to do during pregnancy, as well as to learn modifications to do in other classes. 



Why do you think the MegaMamas class is good for someone who might be scared to workout while pregnant?

I was happy to find that the MegaMamas class closely followed regular (MDR) classes. I have found a lot of prenatal yoga classes are too easy, so I was relieved to work up a sweat during MegaMamas while being reassured all the positions were safe for me and my baby. The instructors are also great at answering any questions or concerns you might have.

What's your favorite part about the class, and what benefits have you seen from it?

My body has been very ache-y and sore during pregnancy, and it has changed a lot. My belly started showing early and continues to grow and grow. Other workouts are uncomfortable to do with a big belly, but (MDR) feels good because it stretches my sore muscles and ligaments. I also have had an overall lack of energy through my entire pregnancy and have found working out essential to bettering my mood. MegaMamas always leaves me rejuvenated and energized. It’s a treat for my body I look forward to every week—and I love working out with other mamas-to-be.

Have you still been doing any normal (MDR) classes during your pregnancy? If so, how has that experience been?

Yes, I have also continued taking normal (MDR) classes. I usually have a conversation with the instructor ahead of time, and they help me to adjust and modify as needed. I feel comfortable taking normal (MDR) classes as well as other workout classes because I am empowered by the information gained from MegaMamas to know what’s safe for my body. 

Is there anything else we should know about your experience with MegaMamas and (MDR)?

MegaMamas is great for all levels. Pregnancy has made me slow down from the go, go, go attitude I usually have toward life and my workouts. Some days I feel drained, but I can still do MegaMamas and modify the class to my energy level. It is also a lot of fun working out in a community of mamas with cute bellies all around you.