Lisa & Wendy

Lisa & Wendy

This month we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Wendy Walsh at The Studio MDR for a conversation about the science behind love.  I know what you are thinking… there is a science behind love? Well we are here to tell you, YES there is! It is incredible, and everyone (single or not) needs to listen up. 

Dr. Wendy breaks down boundaries by getting real about love, because it is no walk in the park, even once you find it. With her help and methodical approach, by the end of the night we started to understand the mystery of “love”.

If you missed out, don’t worry, she gave us a little sneak peak into one of the best taboo topics of the night…. 




Anyone who remembers their "Econ 101" class knows the first lesson: When a commodity rises in supply, the price goes down. When supply decreases, the price goes up. But did you ever consider that this same principle applies to our love lives?

Today we are firmly planted in the information age, an industrial revolution where women have found themselves uniquely better suited than men for many jobs. I'll say it! We are better talkers, typists, and communicators. As a result, social psychologists are seeing a flood of high achieving women entering the mating marketplace. And this is impacting our relationships. Around the world, when women are economically disadvantaged, marriage rates go up, more children are born into wedlock, virginity is coveted, and uh, prostitution rates go way up too. That's because, when women can't fairly extract resources from the environment, that is, make money themselves, they have to monetize their most precious commodity, -- their lady bits.  When women are disadvantaged they either convince a guy (hopefully one they love) to sign on the bottom line and promise to support them and any offspring in a contract called marriage. Or, they rent those lady bits by the hour. No judgement here, ladies. It's basic human sexual economics. We are amazing survivors.

But what happens when women have their own money?

When women rise in economic power a new kind of freedom creates a new kind of trap. When women are financially free, they can finally enjoy the pleasures of their own bodies. With the advent of birth control and barrier protections from sexually transmitted diseases, and with the sexual double-standard waning, sex has become less of a high risk hobby for women. That's why so many women have put so much sex out into the sexual economy. But remember that economic principle! When something rises in supply, the price goes down. In 1950, the price of sex was six months of courtship and a wedding. In the 1980's it was three expensive dates. In today's high-supply sexual economy the price of sex has dropped to the barrel bottom price of one, well-worded text, as in  "You awake?" And with all this cheap sex, men are far less likely to make a commitment. Add to that low price, the increase in female competition for mates. These days women have to compete with sexy Instagram models, pornography, and, dare I say it, slutty girlfriends. Sigh. It's a tough mating market place disguised as sexual freedom!

If a woman wants a traditional relationship with a man who can make a commitment and hang around to raise children, she has to have a clear strategy. First of all, know this:  The highest price a woman can "charge" for sex is CARE and COMMITMENT. But how do you advertise that price and attract the right customer? I promise you, there's a method. Many women are still closing deals on traditional relationships. The wedding industry is booming. There are tips in my podcast MATING MATTERS. The episode is called SEXY MONEY.

Understanding the high supply sexual economy is like revealing the whole game board. You can't win the mating game unless you understand the rules.


(Dr. Wendy Walsh is a Clinical Psychologist who is obsessed with the science of love. She authored three books on relationships, hosts the Dr. Wendy Walsh Show on KFI AM 640 Los Angeles 4-6 on Sundays, and hosts the iHeartMedia podcast Mating Matters. Listen on iTunes, Google Play, the iHeartRadio app or where ever you get your podcasts.)”

Thank you, Dr. Wendy, for taking the time to educate us all.  Another special thank you to our vendors, Skinny Dipped, Sweets by Dawn, Kosas Cosmetics, and BEV for making our evening so perfect!

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