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A Day In The Life


A Day in the Life …

Natalya B My name:  Natalya Busygina

Studio (MDR) member since: 2010

Perfect day:  Class at The Studio (MDR) + long nap + lots of food + another nap + lots of music

Song that makes me bust out my best dance moves: She Bout It by Charles Sweeting

Favorite Studio (MDR) move: Mega Lunge

Most dreaded move: Reverse Giant Wheel Barrel

First job/current job:  Logistics & Supply Chain Manager/Teacher at The Studio (MDR)

On my Netflix queue: Any episode of  "Friends". Never gets old.

Guilty pleasure: Shopping for workout clothes

Favorite yoga pants: Fusion Mesh Long Legging by BeyondYoga

Go-to post-workout nosh:  Vanilla or Pistachio Shake by PALETA.

Can’t go to sleep without: Double checking that my alarm clock is set. Then checking again!

Why I love The Studio (MDR): The classes at (MDR) have transformed my body, and the people have changed my approach to life and turned it upside down! The Studio (MDR) is an amazing community where you can always bring your friends and make new ones in no time!



A Day in the Life …

AnaHanlon My name:  Ana Hanlon

Studio (MDR) member since: 2014

Perfect day:  Sipping margaritas by the sea

Song that makes me bust out my best dance moves:  Any R&B or Hip Hop

Favorite Studio (MDR) move:  Plank to Push Up to Bear to Pike on the rails

Most dreaded move: Plié Squats

First job/current job: Swap Meet selling jeans/House Frau

The movie I could watch 50 million more times: Any Harry Potter movie

Guilty pleasure: The Beverly Hills Cheese Store

Favorite yoga pants: Wonder Unders

Go-to post-workout nosh: Almond Perfect Bar

Can’t go to sleep without: Feeding Simon (my cat) treats

Why I love The Studio (MDR):  It is humbling, in a good way.