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Strengthen Your Core, Build Up Your Confidence And Conquer Crow Pose With The Studio MDR: A Guest Post

This guest post is contributed by Jaclyn Mullen, a Los Angeles based entrepreneur. She loves blogging, beaching it up and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a member of The Studio (MDR) community, Jaclyn has lost 10 lbs and is striving to shed ten more by summer time.  Long, lean muscles. Every woman wants them. After all, we know (thanks to Oprah and all the glossies out there) that the secret to a fast metabolism is in direct proportion to how much muscle we have on our bodies.

Hello Dream Body. I hope to have you....soon enough. Thanks to The Studio MDR, I know I can look like this in MY bikini by summer time.

But there's that word. You know the one most women worry about, the B word. Not "body"......BULKY! Any time we're told to incorporate strength training into our workout regimen, we (or maybe it's just me) teeter totter for the most part.

Am I going to look compact? I'm only 5'6 and a half to begin with. 

But....I want my future boyfriend to be the one with biceps, not me!

Lift weights, for my legs? I want them to look smaller--not bigger!

Thanks to new variations on Pilates (aka The Studio MDR), building long, lean muscles has never been easier or more fun!

And as I've uncovered, strength in all areas of the body is the secret to enhancing not only my physical well being but my confidence AND yoga practice as well.

So here are some lessons I've learned from The Studio MDR.

The metabolism begins in the mind. First comes hunger, then comes calories then comes a cupcake and potato salad. What good is working out to build that lean muscle mass if your body craves food that may not be the best for you overall? How can you learn to reprogram your thoughts around food? My secret weapon has been a combination of yoga and The Studio (MDR). Yoga reduces my stress level and just generally makes me feel good. And the community and team at The Studio (MDR) never shy away from offering advice and alternative food choices so that deprivation is never an option.

I have found that yoga is the gateway for peace of mind, body and spirit. And the mind and spirit are what we program to "let go and live in this very moment" through the practice of breathing, flowing and posing. But yoga helps us in more ways then one. Aside from balance and inner harmony, yoga can also kick your core into solid shape by engaging the abs, back and hip flexors throughout several poses. But The Studio (MDR) takes that up a notch. My classes especially, 'A and A' class (Abs and Ass), have helped me with my crow pose. Thanks plank to pike! (The Studio MDR insiders will get that and if you don't know it, you need to come in and find out for yourself).

The cravings+core+confidence co-relation examined further. Another way to control cravings and carve out that core is working with the proper trainer who can motivate you to make healthy eating choices and ensure that you really maximize your workout. At The Studio (MDR), they've created classes that aren't just about what you do within your 50 minutes of sweating, stretching and strengthening. The trainers want the clients and community to feel inspired, confident and motivated to live healthier lives.

So, my secrets out for all of you to benefit from. If you are in the Southern California area and want to strengthen your core, build up your confidence and even master crow pose, head on over to The Studio (MDR) sooner than later. Bikini season is approaching!