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BABYLates: New Name, New Time, Same Prenatal Exercise Benefits

BABYLates has a new name. To honor the amazing efforts of our moms (not to mention the WONDERFUL results from our megaformer machines), we are now calling the class MegaMama. And for mama's convenience, this class now takes place on Saturdays at 4:15 pm.

If you haven't tried it before, you may be asking yourself "Why should I try MegaMamas & workout on the the Megaformer?"

Here's the answer. Your body changes during pregnancy, a lot. And this particular pre and post natal workout is specifically designed to change with you as your body takes this journey.

What changes occur with pregnancy?

  1. Posture changes. The weight of the baby, especially as they grow, puts a strain on almost every part of your body. As it gets a little harder to maneuver around, even getting  out of a chair can seem like a workout. As the creator of MegaMamas, our instructor Jessi Piha ensures that you will be safe. Depending on the term of your pregnancy, she will give you all a fun, effective workout experience that's just perfect for your already achey muscles.
  2. Keep those abs strong and fab! Yes, you have abdominal muscles even when you are pregnant. They are just going to get stretched out & as long as you keep them strong during pregnancy, the ability to recover that tight 6 pack can absolutely be done.
  3. Post pregnancy exercise is just as important as prenatal exercise. After those 9 months of patiently waiting, the stork has come and your bun in the oven is finally home. You may want to exercise to carve out some alone time or to keep up with your healthy lifestyle. BUT, jumping back into a workout routine full throttle is not recommended. With that said, MegaMamas is the perfect combination of strength training, cardio, and resistance training post delivery when your doctor has approved exercise for you again.

MegaMama's is open to moms of ALL experience levels. While we focus on a pace appropriate for pre and post natal clients, any mom looking to take some Saturday time to herself is welcome to come to class!

To sign up or to learn more, please visit our website at



The Pains Of Labor--BABYlates Is Here To Help!

This is a guest post from Jessi Piha of The Studio MDR. Could there be anything more painful than labor? I don't think so (not even Spoon or Scrambled Eggs on the Megaformer). But I do want to share that we all have pains in life. As the teacher of a prenatal workout class called BABYlates, I want to tell mamas & mamas-to-be that I'm having some pains myself---blogging pains that is.

The challenge with blogging and technology in general (for a girl like me who teaches movement for a living) is sitting still for a moment: just me, my thoughts and the computer. But I am doing this because my mission is to help more moms continue their exercise routines well into, and after, their pregnancies.

Okay,  I've accepted the challenge and pain of blogging solely out of the inspiration I receive from moms who come in and workout in my classes every Saturday. No matter how uncomfortable they may feel with the changes they are experiencing, whether it's tightening hips or an increase of fatigue, they accept their mission and I accept mine too. Life, after all, is about team work.

So, I'm an instructor seeking able-bodied, moms and or moms-to-be to come play on Team BABYlates.  At this very second we both have one thing in common---our backs are achy from sitting and we need to get up and get moving, breathe, re-charge. I've seen what you can do, I've been to some pregnancy fitness classes, " belly undercover" so to speak, and some of you Mamas-to-be even put this "fit" girl to shame.

Let me clarify a few things about our future together. Standing on your head at 36 weeks pregnant is not for everyone and I can assure you of one thing, you won't be doing that in the BABYlates class. What I'm saying is that I'm in tune with my clients' bodies and their capability with respect for safety! I feel your pain ladies, it's all relative--labor, blogging, inner thigh exercises. As a mother, your exercise routine doesn't have to be like that. Some of you are about to take on the most important job in the world; some of you already have this honor.

Motherhood is much bigger than blogging my mommies. So, why don't we both shut down the computer, throw on some Toesox, take an hour off and meet at The Studio (MDR). You can thank me later when you slip right back in to your pre-baby body skinny jeans!  See you in class girls!! It's time for this butt to get off the couch and go sweat, too.


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Safe, Effective Workout For Moms in Los Angeles At The Studio (MDR)

The Studio (MDR) has a special delivery for mothers in Los Angeles. We've added a new class to the schedule called BABYLates and it's exclusively for our Mega Mommas! 

BABYlates is a low impact workout, based on SPX, for mothers of all experience levels, whether they are pregnant or actively involved in the PTA. Each BABYlates class takes place on Saturday's at 2:00 pm and focuses on soft core exercises, toning arms and butt, improving posture and providing moms with a much needed stress release.  

One of our clients had some insight to share on her BABYlates experience.

“I started taking SPX classes with Jessi at The Studio (MDR) when I was 6 weeks pregnant and continued until I was almost 7 months along. This was the healthiest I have ever been. I felt great, looked great and it made my pregnancy a breeze. Jessi helped motivate me even when I was tired.  She also modified the exercises appropriately the further along I got. It felt like I had a corset holding my stomach in the whole time. “ – Maggan Dinardi

The Studio (MDR) is happy to provide a safe exercise for pre and post natal workouts.  Our staff are CPR certified and to dismiss any fears for our moms to be, it is safe for pregnant women to exercise. In fact, studies have shown that active pregnancies result in easier labor and faster physical recovery.

Reportedly, the muscles which are said to be the most sore after labor & delivery are in the back, tricep & bicep, and hips. And according to, women who worked out 2-3 times a week claimed to have an easier delivery2 which means that the benefits of BABYlates will continue on even after you deliver.  

Maggan Dinardi agrees, "The recovery after my baby was born was also almost non-existent. Two weeks post, I weighed less than I did before I got pregnant. It sounds like I'm making this up but I'm truly not. I think SPX at The Studio (MDR) increased my metabolism or perhaps having more muscles will do the trick. Being pregnant is a great time to be healthy, look and feel wonderful and be stronger than ever!"

1. 2.

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