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Lisa's Likes--Travel Essentials (Just In Time For The 4th of July)

It’s official.  SUMMER is here! Hello June, July, August and sun.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, remember those resolutions that you set back in January? Of course you do (especially when you start to see your hard work pay off as you slip on your swimwear and head to the beach). 

It's important to remember those resolutions and honor your commitments to push yourself to new limits at The Studio (MDR), but what's equally important is taking time to relax and simply enjoy some R&R.  Nothing says "relaxing" like going on a summer vacation, and recently asked our own, Lisa Hirsch, to share the must-haves in her travel bag.

Lisa's picks are fashionable, practical and functional but our personal fave on the list is the Luna Chocolate Dipped Coconut Bar For women.  Lisa admits, “Airports are the worst when I’m trying to eat healthy so I always have a couple of Luna Bars on hand. Chocolate Dipped Coconut are my favorite, especially when I get stuck on an unexpected layover.”

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BABYLates: New Name, New Time, Same Prenatal Exercise Benefits

BABYLates has a new name. To honor the amazing efforts of our moms (not to mention the WONDERFUL results from our megaformer machines), we are now calling the class MegaMama. And for mama's convenience, this class now takes place on Saturdays at 4:15 pm.

If you haven't tried it before, you may be asking yourself "Why should I try MegaMamas & workout on the the Megaformer?"

Here's the answer. Your body changes during pregnancy, a lot. And this particular pre and post natal workout is specifically designed to change with you as your body takes this journey.

What changes occur with pregnancy?

  1. Posture changes. The weight of the baby, especially as they grow, puts a strain on almost every part of your body. As it gets a little harder to maneuver around, even getting  out of a chair can seem like a workout. As the creator of MegaMamas, our instructor Jessi Piha ensures that you will be safe. Depending on the term of your pregnancy, she will give you all a fun, effective workout experience that's just perfect for your already achey muscles.
  2. Keep those abs strong and fab! Yes, you have abdominal muscles even when you are pregnant. They are just going to get stretched out & as long as you keep them strong during pregnancy, the ability to recover that tight 6 pack can absolutely be done.
  3. Post pregnancy exercise is just as important as prenatal exercise. After those 9 months of patiently waiting, the stork has come and your bun in the oven is finally home. You may want to exercise to carve out some alone time or to keep up with your healthy lifestyle. BUT, jumping back into a workout routine full throttle is not recommended. With that said, MegaMamas is the perfect combination of strength training, cardio, and resistance training post delivery when your doctor has approved exercise for you again.

MegaMama's is open to moms of ALL experience levels. While we focus on a pace appropriate for pre and post natal clients, any mom looking to take some Saturday time to herself is welcome to come to class!

To sign up or to learn more, please visit our website at



Lisa's Likes! A Few Favorite Things From The Owner Of The Studio (MDR)

Whether you’re used to seeing her behind The Studio (MDR)'s signature hot pink desk or breaking a sweat next to you on the MegaFormer during an intense session, you may know Lisa Hirsch as the soul of The Studio (MDR).  As a dedicated small business owner in Marina Del Rey, Lisa works 18 hour days and juggles various roles and responsibilities from meeting with press, managing staff and building customer relationships. Aside from her consistent exercise and entrepreneurial routine, looking good while staying comfortable is what helps Lisa manage the active lifestyle of a fitness entrepreneur. As someone who embodies the LOOK IT + FEEL IT + LIVE IT mantra of The Studio (MDR), we wanted to find out some of Lisa’s Likes!

Lisa’s everyday couture typically includes Lululemon, K·Swiss, and ToeSox.  Lululemon’s manifesto boasts that the brand creates products for people to live longer, healthier and more fun lives.  Lisa says, “I have lived in Lululemon clothing everyday for the past year day-in and day-out at the studio.  However they make Lululemon is genius because nothing wears any of their products down no matter what I do to them!” And she shares the same feeling about her shoes.  Since 1966, K·Swiss has represented innovation, quality, performance and style.   Lisa agrees, “I love all of their colors and how comfortable they are! We shop at the K-Swiss store in Santa Monica." The last of Lisa’s Likes pair nicely with or without her kicks:  ToeSox!  The unique five-toe design helps align mistreated toes and feet naturally. ToeSox help spread your toes to strengthen foot muscles and increase blood circulation.  Plus, there is no shortage of color combos and styles to pique your pleasure! The Studio (MDR) has ToeSox styles available for purchase.

Lisa Hirsch certainly proves that just because you trade in your 9 to 5 (as she did when she left working 24/7 in entertainment for the fitness industry), that doesn’t mean you can’t comfortably stay in style! Stay tuned for more Lisa Likes in the coming months.

Lisa would love to meet you! Whether you live in Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica or Venice, The Studio (MDR) is a community dedicated to helping you uncover your best body yet. Since opening last year, the community has lost over 500 lbs together! Come on in and take a class.

And for more information on Lisa Hirsch as well as The Studio (MDR), you can follow them on Twitter @lisanhirsch @thestudiomdr or join the community on Facebook page,