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Ladies and MegaMen, We Have Three Winners!

As the month of February draws to an end, the team over at The Studio (MDR) can't help but express continued joy at the enthusiasm of our kick-abs (and ass) community of clients, supporters and friends. And one of the MANY highlights this month was joining forces with author and celebrity dietician/nutritionist Ashley Koff to create the "Celebrating Self Love, Health and Happiness With A Contest From Ashley Koff."

Pictured Above: Ashley Koff, RD

We received a ton of entries for the contest, but three lucky women emerged as our winners. Not only did they answer Ashley's question correctly, the ladies were then entered into a randomized drawing.

To enter, contestants needed to answer the following question: “Is it (a) counting calories or (b) paying attention to nutrient balance that is more important when it comes to getting better energy, a flat belly, glowing skin, and digestive wellness?”

Care to guess what the winning answer was? (B) paying attention to nutrient balance is more important when it comes to getting better energy, a flat belly and glowing skin. So, without any further hesitation, we present to you OUR WINNERS.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Let's give a round of applause to Shari Landon, our Grand Prize winner who had this to say: "What a lovely surprise! When I entered, I was supporting the studio's online efforts." We appreciate that support Shari, congratulations on your prize: a one-on-one phone consult with Ashley and a copy of her book!

RUNNERS UP: Afrouz Nosratian (pictured left). 

"When notified that I was a runner up in 'The Studio MDR/Ashley Koff Celebrating Self Love, Health and Happiness Contest,' I was beyond thrilled. Being a working wife and mother in my forties, with two vibrant, energetic kids, makes my life both delightfully fulfilling and, lets face it, rather exhausting. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book that will surely enlighten me on ways I can be a healthier and more energized woman for both me and my family."

Olivia Hendrickson. "Sweet!  So cool! I cannot wait to get my hands on the book and be fully charged."

Once again, congratulations to all of the winners and a special thanks to Ashley Koff. Please be sure to visit her website for a list of quality foods, supplements and better lifestyle accessories.


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Safe, Effective Workout For Moms in Los Angeles At The Studio (MDR)

The Studio (MDR) has a special delivery for mothers in Los Angeles. We've added a new class to the schedule called BABYLates and it's exclusively for our Mega Mommas! 

BABYlates is a low impact workout, based on SPX, for mothers of all experience levels, whether they are pregnant or actively involved in the PTA. Each BABYlates class takes place on Saturday's at 2:00 pm and focuses on soft core exercises, toning arms and butt, improving posture and providing moms with a much needed stress release.  

One of our clients had some insight to share on her BABYlates experience.

“I started taking SPX classes with Jessi at The Studio (MDR) when I was 6 weeks pregnant and continued until I was almost 7 months along. This was the healthiest I have ever been. I felt great, looked great and it made my pregnancy a breeze. Jessi helped motivate me even when I was tired.  She also modified the exercises appropriately the further along I got. It felt like I had a corset holding my stomach in the whole time. “ – Maggan Dinardi

The Studio (MDR) is happy to provide a safe exercise for pre and post natal workouts.  Our staff are CPR certified and to dismiss any fears for our moms to be, it is safe for pregnant women to exercise. In fact, studies have shown that active pregnancies result in easier labor and faster physical recovery.

Reportedly, the muscles which are said to be the most sore after labor & delivery are in the back, tricep & bicep, and hips. And according to, women who worked out 2-3 times a week claimed to have an easier delivery2 which means that the benefits of BABYlates will continue on even after you deliver.  

Maggan Dinardi agrees, "The recovery after my baby was born was also almost non-existent. Two weeks post, I weighed less than I did before I got pregnant. It sounds like I'm making this up but I'm truly not. I think SPX at The Studio (MDR) increased my metabolism or perhaps having more muscles will do the trick. Being pregnant is a great time to be healthy, look and feel wonderful and be stronger than ever!"

1. 2.

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