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The Pains Of Labor--BABYlates Is Here To Help!

This is a guest post from Jessi Piha of The Studio MDR. Could there be anything more painful than labor? I don't think so (not even Spoon or Scrambled Eggs on the Megaformer). But I do want to share that we all have pains in life. As the teacher of a prenatal workout class called BABYlates, I want to tell mamas & mamas-to-be that I'm having some pains myself---blogging pains that is.

The challenge with blogging and technology in general (for a girl like me who teaches movement for a living) is sitting still for a moment: just me, my thoughts and the computer. But I am doing this because my mission is to help more moms continue their exercise routines well into, and after, their pregnancies.

Okay,  I've accepted the challenge and pain of blogging solely out of the inspiration I receive from moms who come in and workout in my classes every Saturday. No matter how uncomfortable they may feel with the changes they are experiencing, whether it's tightening hips or an increase of fatigue, they accept their mission and I accept mine too. Life, after all, is about team work.

So, I'm an instructor seeking able-bodied, moms and or moms-to-be to come play on Team BABYlates.  At this very second we both have one thing in common---our backs are achy from sitting and we need to get up and get moving, breathe, re-charge. I've seen what you can do, I've been to some pregnancy fitness classes, " belly undercover" so to speak, and some of you Mamas-to-be even put this "fit" girl to shame.

Let me clarify a few things about our future together. Standing on your head at 36 weeks pregnant is not for everyone and I can assure you of one thing, you won't be doing that in the BABYlates class. What I'm saying is that I'm in tune with my clients' bodies and their capability with respect for safety! I feel your pain ladies, it's all relative--labor, blogging, inner thigh exercises. As a mother, your exercise routine doesn't have to be like that. Some of you are about to take on the most important job in the world; some of you already have this honor.

Motherhood is much bigger than blogging my mommies. So, why don't we both shut down the computer, throw on some Toesox, take an hour off and meet at The Studio (MDR). You can thank me later when you slip right back in to your pre-baby body skinny jeans!  See you in class girls!! It's time for this butt to get off the couch and go sweat, too.