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New Year, New Workout Routine, New Student Special, NEW YOU!

The New Year is upon us and to celebrate, The Studio (MDR) is offering a new student special to kick off your new workout routine!  Get ready to sweat, stretch and SPX in 2012.

According to Marie Claire Magazine, "SPX is basically a combination of different elements of Pilates, cardio and weight training, all using the resistance offered by the beds. To say you'll be sore after your first class is a wicked understatement, but you'll be hooked. Especially after you see how toned your bum and abs start looking."

Our clients would agree--one recently tweeted: My waist is officially 3 1/2" smaller than it was 3 months ago thanks to @TheStudioMDR :-) and I'm about 1,000,000 times stronger!

By making SPX your new workout routine at The Studio (MDR), you will strengthen, tighten and tone your body in an upbeat, fun and supportive environment.  Rest assured the end result is a heart-pumping, muscle aching workout!  And for a limited time only, new students can take advantage of this special  and pay $199 for an introductory unlimited month of Total SPX classes. This limited time offer will end on January 15, 2012 so be sure to act fast and get a jumpstart on your new workout routine at The Studio (MDR)!

Look It+ Feel It+ Live It+ Embrace It in 2012. We're waiting for you.