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Weight Loss Success Stories From The Studio (MDR): Meet Transformer Lindsay Hallam

If you are feeling a little discouraged about your New Years resolution, you may want to read this story.

When Lindsay Hallam started working out at The Studio (MDR) she had a very big goal: To reduce her body fat by 10 percent and drop 50 pounds. Difficult to accomplish? Sure. But impossible, NO. Not with an exercise routine inclusive of yoga and classes at one of LA's most popular and highly respected fitness studios in Marina Del Rey. Lindsay knew it was time to get busy sweating and start SPX-ing.

"Before discovering SPX, I was really unhappy, insecure, and uncomfortable in my own skin," she says. "I started at 172 pounds and I set milestone goals to lose 10 pounds at a time. Over the course of eight months, I reduced my body fat from 33 percent to 23 percent and have lost 48 pounds."

Were there challenges? Of course. "I struggle with patience," Lindsay said. "When I set my mind to do something, I want to get it done immediately." But she knew that in order to lose her weight and body fat the healthy way, she had to do it slowly.

"I just showed up. Jessi, and Mary gave me what I needed to do the rest." Lindsay also incorporated some pretty big lifestyle changes that helped her transform.

# 1 -- Alcohol. "I decided I wanted to trade the six-pack in my hand for one on my stomach," says Lindsay. "I used to have several drinks a night throughout the week; now I just have one or two drinks every now and then.

# 2 -- Cooking. "I used to skip breakfast and eat out for lunch and dinner. Now, I make just about every meal I consume. I eat fresh and organic as much as possible and while I don't count calories, carbs, sugar, etc., I make an effort to keep them low. I also think it's important not to deprive myself. So, if I have a craving for something, I get it. I just don't do it all the time."

#3 -- Consistency. "The major pitfall I encountered through all of my failed attempts at losing weight in the past is that when I skipped a workout or ate something unhealthy, I would beat myself up and just sink back to my old ways. It became much easier to reach my goals once fitness and healthy foods became a part of my daily lifestyle, instead of a diet-of-the-moment."

If you are second guessing that New Years resolution and your commitment to achieving it, let Lindsay be an example of the rewards that commitment and patience will yield. And if that's not enough, you can use The Studio (MDR)'s mantra for extra encouragement: "Look It+Feel It+Live It."