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The Studio (MDR) Superfood Saturday's: And The Quinoa Continues On

It’s Superfood Saturday and today on The Studio (MDR) blog, we’re talking about the super delicious, super grain, Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah). So why does this whole grain hold the key to a healthier you? For one, it's high in protein and fiber at 8 grams and 5 grams, respectively.  Quinoa is also a complete protein, meaning it contains all 9 amino acids which is particularly beneficial for vegetarians and vegans.  A naturally good source of iron, this is a wonderful ingredient to include in your repertoire of recipes.  Even better, Quinoa is as simple to make as rice.

What else can we say about this? Quinoa is gluten free and also contains zinc, vitamin E and selenium, which helps control weight and lowers risk of heart disease and diabetes.

To prepare Quinoa for cooking, either purchase pre-rinsed Quinoa or rinse the Quinoa in a strainer until the saponins are removed. To cook the Quinoa, simply add one part of the grain to two parts liquid in a saucepan. Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce the heat to simmer and cover. One cup of Quinoa cooked in this method usually takes 15 minutes to prepare. When cooking is complete, the water is absorbed and the grains will be translucent and fluffy.  Add your favorite veggies, nuts or fruits along with olive oil or a light vinaigrette.

Quinoa is delicious and can be served cold or warm. It can be also frozen and reheated.  Check back here on Meatless Monday for a Quinoa recipe that is healthy and satiating!

And if you've tried Quinoa, feel free to share your recipes for our fabulous community in the comments section. This is Superfood Saturday after all so if you eat it, be sure to tweet it!