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Bride-to-Be, Jessie Waldberg, at Playa Vista Studio (MDR)

Bride-to-Be, Jessie Waldberg, at Playa Vista Studio (MDR)

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, which means wedding season has officially begun! After our own fearless leader Lisa Hirsch (now Solomon) got married this spring, we realized just how many women were interested in getting in shape for their wedding. We hear countless stories from brides-to-be who come into the studio in preparation for their big day, so we thought we’d give you a glimpse into the life of one of our inspiring clients, Jessie Waldberg.

Jessie is one of those women who makes balancing a demanding career and a healthy lifestyle look effortless. She works as an RN and has constantly struggled with lower-back pain issues caused from her strenuous career of working with patients day in and day out. When she found The Studio (MDR), she realized it was the workout she was looking for. Her chronic back pain had limited the workouts she could participate in, but with (MDR) she found a workout that strengthened her core without putting pressure on her back.

Jessie has been a member since October 2015 and was hooked after taking her first class. Originally, she went to both the East and West (MDR) locations but when she and her hubby-to-be, Emil, moved to Playa Del Rey, she began attending classes at the Playa Vista location as well. Now she regularly attends classes at all locations.

While catching up with her, we got the lowdown how she’s getting in shape for her wedding (she swears The Studio (MDR) has been a huge part of getting her in pre-wedding shape). She dished details on how he proposed, her bachelorette party, her diet, and how she has stayed active!  

Q: How did you and your fiancé, Emil, meet?

A: Very cliché, but we actually met online. I found out that we had mutual friends, and my older brother actually knew him in college. Also, we found during our first date that we actually went to kindergarten together. Small world, but we instantly hit it off after meeting and have inseparable since.

Q: Tell us how your hubby-to-be popped the question!

A: We were on a trip to Israel for his best friend’s wedding. Our two-week trip to Europe included Budapest, Prague, and Israel. It was magical! On the last day of the trip, he popped the question, and the rest is history.


Q: Tell us about your bachelorette party!

A: I went on a trip in May with my best girlfriends to Palm Springs. It was themed “Jessie’s Last Flamingle,” and we had so much fun hanging by the pool at the Ace Hotel one day and at our private house the other days. It was Cinco De Mayo weekend so Palm Springs was very rowdy. We even ended up at a strip club one night—it was hilarious!

Jessie at her bachelorette in Palm Springs, CA.

Jessie at her bachelorette in Palm Springs, CA.

Q: Where are you heading for your honeymoon?

A: We are heading to Bora Bora (also where The Studio’s Lisa is going!), which I am excited about! I wanted to look and feel good at my wedding and honeymoon, so the “look it* feel it*live it®” really does play into my life. I want to look and feel good, and this workout makes me feel that way.

Q: What do you do to keep in shape?

A: Working out consistently has been a huge part of what has helped me stay in shape. I have a busy schedule and long 12-hour shifts at the hospital when I work, but on my days off, I make sure I go to The Studio (MDR). I plan and schedule classes and don’t give myself excuses to not attend. I make sure I show up, because I know if I don’t I won’t have a chance to make up for it due to my busy schedule. I also eat very healthy which helps me keep on track. And I give myself rest days so as not push myself. The recovery days are important!

Jessie & her fiancé Emil Shour on vacation

Jessie & her fiancé Emil Shour on vacation

Q: Why did you choose to use The Studio (MDR) for your workout before your wedding?

A: Besides allowing me to build my core without further straining my back, I love that (MDR) targets areas such as my abs, arms, and booty so that I look good in my wedding dress. Since starting, I’ve seen results in gaining long, lean muscle (which was something I wanted) and getting more toned in all the areas mentioned. It's always a challenge, and I always leave feeling stronger. The music is great, and the teachers are super encouraging.

Q: Do you have any favorite moves?

A: I love moon walker and bear. I also love the lunge series because it targets the muscles in the lower body like hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and calves. Bear always leaves my abs sore, which is an area I previously avoided when I worked out alone. At (MDR), the classes are structured to target many areas, not just one area. I love that about the classes.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your diet and what you eat or what diet restrictions you stick to?

A: I have a very sensitive stomach so dairy is completely out. I focus on eating a diet that consists of lean protein (chicken and fish) and a ton of veggies.  I limit the amount of carbs and sweets I eat as well. I think it is super important to treat yourself but not all the time—for me, a guilty indulgence is coconut ice cream.

Q: We love that you realize it’s important to treat yourself once in a while. What is the most important thing you do to stick to a healthy diet?

A: I always bring food to work. This allows me to stay on track with my healthy diet and helps me stay away from unhealthy foods. I usually pack lunch salads with protein like chicken or tuna and lots of sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes!


Jessie and Emil’s wedding will be held in Malibu, June 2017. We are so happy for our (MDR) Bride Tribe babe and wish her and Emil a lifetime of happiness and love. She is an inspiration to women who want to get in shape before their wedding and who love Lagree! Thanks for sharing your story and tips with us, Jessie! <3




Goodbye Workout DVD's, Hello Bridal Body! Guest Post From The Studio (MDR) Client Emily Lavender

This is a guest post from The Studio (MDR) client, Emily Lavender.  Emily, 24, is a Marketing Director for Circus Vargas. When she's not working or working out, she enjoys spending time with her fiance and getting reacquainted with LA after living in Orange County for 6 years.

My future sister-in-law, Colleen, brought me to The Studio (MDR) for the first time because she insisted it was unlike anything else I had ever done before and that I would get hooked. Boy, was she right! I have basically always been on the search for the next thing to help me lose weight, and was getting tired of the options I was finding. In the past I have mostly done workout DVDs (cardio kick boxing), they’re fun and a pretty good workout, but they get so repetitive! That’s not the case at all at The Studio (MDR)! The trainers keep you on your toes by mixing up the moves and the music, I’m always excited (and slightly afraid) to see what we are going to do next.

I’ve also been a member of a gym and done classes that involve weights, but after a month or so I started to feel like I was bulking up, so back to my DVDs or the elliptical I would go. The Studio (MDR) has made me excited about fitness again, and I’m so glad I took that first class!

Mary Miller was the trainer for my first session, and I couldn’t believe how much time she spent with me, helping to correct my form and modifying the moves that I just couldn’t get as a newbie. It made me feel like she really cared about teaching this class. I was also very impressed by the way that she would call out to each person by name with words of encouragement or tips.

At the end of the class, Colleen asked me what I thought, and while the language was not appropriate for this blog, it was something to the effect of “holy cow!” I left that class determined to keep coming back in order to build my strength and be able to master those moves. And I came back the very next day! Granted, I could barely move for a week after 2 days straight, but I felt AMAZING!! I don’t think I had ever been that sore from a workout before, but almost two months later, I rarely ever need to modify a move and like to think I can keep up pretty well.

At The Studio (MDR), I can feel myself getting stronger and more toned, but definitely not bulky. I try to go to class at least 3 times a week and I take advantage of all of the healthy recipes and tips from the blog, so thanks to The Studio (MDR) I will be wedding ready for my big day in no time!