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Bride-to-Be, Jessie Waldberg, at Playa Vista Studio (MDR)

Bride-to-Be, Jessie Waldberg, at Playa Vista Studio (MDR)

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, which means wedding season has officially begun! After our own fearless leader Lisa Hirsch (now Solomon) got married this spring, we realized just how many women were interested in getting in shape for their wedding. We hear countless stories from brides-to-be who come into the studio in preparation for their big day, so we thought we’d give you a glimpse into the life of one of our inspiring clients, Jessie Waldberg.

Jessie is one of those women who makes balancing a demanding career and a healthy lifestyle look effortless. She works as an RN and has constantly struggled with lower-back pain issues caused from her strenuous career of working with patients day in and day out. When she found The Studio (MDR), she realized it was the workout she was looking for. Her chronic back pain had limited the workouts she could participate in, but with (MDR) she found a workout that strengthened her core without putting pressure on her back.

Jessie has been a member since October 2015 and was hooked after taking her first class. Originally, she went to both the East and West (MDR) locations but when she and her hubby-to-be, Emil, moved to Playa Del Rey, she began attending classes at the Playa Vista location as well. Now she regularly attends classes at all locations.

While catching up with her, we got the lowdown how she’s getting in shape for her wedding (she swears The Studio (MDR) has been a huge part of getting her in pre-wedding shape). She dished details on how he proposed, her bachelorette party, her diet, and how she has stayed active!  

Q: How did you and your fiancé, Emil, meet?

A: Very cliché, but we actually met online. I found out that we had mutual friends, and my older brother actually knew him in college. Also, we found during our first date that we actually went to kindergarten together. Small world, but we instantly hit it off after meeting and have inseparable since.

Q: Tell us how your hubby-to-be popped the question!

A: We were on a trip to Israel for his best friend’s wedding. Our two-week trip to Europe included Budapest, Prague, and Israel. It was magical! On the last day of the trip, he popped the question, and the rest is history.


Q: Tell us about your bachelorette party!

A: I went on a trip in May with my best girlfriends to Palm Springs. It was themed “Jessie’s Last Flamingle,” and we had so much fun hanging by the pool at the Ace Hotel one day and at our private house the other days. It was Cinco De Mayo weekend so Palm Springs was very rowdy. We even ended up at a strip club one night—it was hilarious!

Jessie at her bachelorette in Palm Springs, CA.

Jessie at her bachelorette in Palm Springs, CA.

Q: Where are you heading for your honeymoon?

A: We are heading to Bora Bora (also where The Studio’s Lisa is going!), which I am excited about! I wanted to look and feel good at my wedding and honeymoon, so the “look it* feel it*live it®” really does play into my life. I want to look and feel good, and this workout makes me feel that way.

Q: What do you do to keep in shape?

A: Working out consistently has been a huge part of what has helped me stay in shape. I have a busy schedule and long 12-hour shifts at the hospital when I work, but on my days off, I make sure I go to The Studio (MDR). I plan and schedule classes and don’t give myself excuses to not attend. I make sure I show up, because I know if I don’t I won’t have a chance to make up for it due to my busy schedule. I also eat very healthy which helps me keep on track. And I give myself rest days so as not push myself. The recovery days are important!

Jessie & her fiancé Emil Shour on vacation

Jessie & her fiancé Emil Shour on vacation

Q: Why did you choose to use The Studio (MDR) for your workout before your wedding?

A: Besides allowing me to build my core without further straining my back, I love that (MDR) targets areas such as my abs, arms, and booty so that I look good in my wedding dress. Since starting, I’ve seen results in gaining long, lean muscle (which was something I wanted) and getting more toned in all the areas mentioned. It's always a challenge, and I always leave feeling stronger. The music is great, and the teachers are super encouraging.

Q: Do you have any favorite moves?

A: I love moon walker and bear. I also love the lunge series because it targets the muscles in the lower body like hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and calves. Bear always leaves my abs sore, which is an area I previously avoided when I worked out alone. At (MDR), the classes are structured to target many areas, not just one area. I love that about the classes.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your diet and what you eat or what diet restrictions you stick to?

A: I have a very sensitive stomach so dairy is completely out. I focus on eating a diet that consists of lean protein (chicken and fish) and a ton of veggies.  I limit the amount of carbs and sweets I eat as well. I think it is super important to treat yourself but not all the time—for me, a guilty indulgence is coconut ice cream.

Q: We love that you realize it’s important to treat yourself once in a while. What is the most important thing you do to stick to a healthy diet?

A: I always bring food to work. This allows me to stay on track with my healthy diet and helps me stay away from unhealthy foods. I usually pack lunch salads with protein like chicken or tuna and lots of sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes!


Jessie and Emil’s wedding will be held in Malibu, June 2017. We are so happy for our (MDR) Bride Tribe babe and wish her and Emil a lifetime of happiness and love. She is an inspiration to women who want to get in shape before their wedding and who love Lagree! Thanks for sharing your story and tips with us, Jessie! <3




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To Modify or Not to Modify? with Natalya Busygina

During classes, I often advise “never hesitate to modify." This is an important consideration during your workout. Do not consider modifications as a sign of weakness - all it means is that this approach is your appropriate level for today.

It's about making the smart and most productive choices, focused on modifying and building your strength one class at a time, while not compromising your form.

However, don’t get too comfortable! When classes grow in intensity, and you question whether to modify or keep on going - the latter is your answer. Modify when your form suffers - not just because the workout is difficult. Don’t look for excuses!

And remember, change never comes from comfort zone. Challenge yourself, each and every time!



Just Married! Studio (MDR) couple Whitney Burrell & Dan Murillo

Whit The Studio (MDR) has a track record of bringing people together. Here’s a look at how Whitney and Dan took classes at (MDR) to get ready for their March 28th nuptials—and got even closer to each other in the process.

How did you find The Studio (MDR)?

We live just around the corner (MDR) West and would pass it frequently on our way to the beach. I was a lifelong runner and burnt out and looking for something new. I took one class and got my rear-end kicked soundly! I told Dan he had to try it, so he started taking classes a few weeks later.

How has this shared experience impacted your relationship? 

We started taking Jessi's 5a.m. class twice a week. We sometimes go to other classes separately, but we prefer to go together. I have to say it's impacted our relationship in a kind of profound way. There are moments in the workout that are so hard, and your brain is on fire and you're grinding through that burn with your mind is telling you to stop. You want to just let go, then you look over at the person you love more than anything, right there in it with you, and you give each other the fortitude to get through it. Then you can sweatily hug it out afterwards.


Whitney, was dress shopping more fun because of how fit you became? 

Oh yeah! I wouldn't say I was overweight, per se, before I started working out at (MDR). But I had no muscle definition and was about 10 pounds heavier than I am now. My dress was strapless, and (MDR) was instrumental in improving the tone in my arms and back.


Dan, how did you feel knowing that you were getting fitter and stronger before your wedding day?

It had been about five years since I'd worked out, and it feels good to be taking care of and respecting my body. It sets the right tone to start this new chapter in our lives.


Will you continue working out at (MDR) now that you’re married?

Yes! I have done lots of sports and many of the branded workouts popular in LA, and none have changed my body and mind while protecting me from injury like the workouts at (MDR). There's something about it that is addictive—the pace, feeling yourself get stronger as weeks go by. The results are quick and the instructors are terrific. We feel very lucky it's nearby.



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TWENTY NEW CLASSES to LookIt + FeelIt + LiveIt®!


Our hot new team of Studio (MDR) teachers are front and center this week with brand new ALL LEVELS classes now on our daily schedule!


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TWENTY NEW CLASSES to LookIt + FeelIt + LiveIt®!


Our hot new team of Studio (MDR) teachers are front and center this week with brand new ALL LEVELS classes now on our daily schedule!

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TWENTY NEW CLASSES to LookIt + FeelIt + LiveIt®!


Our hot new team of Studio (MDR) teacherss are front and center this week with brand new ALL LEVELS classes now on our daily schedule!

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The Studio (MDR) adds 7 new dynamic‪#‎LagreeMethod‬ trainers to their already All-Star line up!

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Shang Gao


I know it’s only a 50-minute class, but it often feels like I’ve been working out for several hours after a class ends. The variations you get with this shirt-drenching, grunt-inducing workout are endless. That is what makes this workout strangely addictive. I have been a somewhat active person my whole life, but this is the first time I’ve found myself being extremely consistent with my fitness regimen, and even craving my next sweat session at (MDR)!

I recently traveled to Asia and met with my grandma for the first time in almost three years. She could barely recognize me and could not stop telling me how amazing I look. My mom also takes immense pride in my healthy appearance and brags to people about "this insane Pilates-on-steroids" workout that I do whenever someone comments how fit I look.

Although there hasn’t been much change on the scale, my body has definitely gotten tighter and more sculpted. Pants that fit two years ago now sit loose on my hips. Apart from that, I am a lot more energetic throughout the day, and that really helps me focus at my day job. Overall, I am a much happier person now than I was before.


Michelle G. Los Banos

photo 2

In the past 10 years, I have never found a workout that could motivate me to exercise consistently. It was only in the few months leading up to my move out west that I started trying to jog a couple of miles a week at a leisurely pace. I felt good about it, but I didn’t necessarily feel physically stronger.

I moved to Los Angeles from Washington, DC exactly three months ago and my first weekend in LA, I happened to pass by The Studio (MDR) on my jog back from the beach.  I decided to try The Studio—or “Strength Training Under Deliberate and Intense Oversight” as I lovingly refer to it—because the machines looked intriguing and the students using them appeared to be really feeling the burn! I knew immediately after taking Lindsay’s beginner class that the method and The Studio (MDR)’s team of incredible trainers were going to help me attain the physical strength I’d been searching for. My goal has always been to maintain my weight (since I love to eat and try out new restaurants!) and feel healthy and strong.

After three months of consistently hitting The Studio (MDR) three times a week, I feel stronger than I’ve felt since college when I was playing a club sport—almost 17 years ago! Last week I was shocked yet pleased when Dana happened to walk by and nonchalantly add an extra spring during my super crunch. My first thought was, “Hold on, what is she doing?” Then it was, “Oh yeah, I can do this!” I also realized recently that the two and a half gallon containers of water I carry from my car up to my apartment are feeling a little lighter these days. My once-snug skinny jeans and pencil skirts are fitting a little looser at the waist and hips, and my arms have more definition. I’ve seen a physical transformation in my body that I’ve never experienced from any other workout I’ve ever done whether it was team sports, jogging, dance or yoga.

Even better, I look forward to my (MDR) workouts and the amazing feeling I have afterward, and most importantly, I feel happy and energized because of them.  The Studio team welcomed me into their hot pink lacquered ceiling world with open arms and a positive attitude, and they challenge me each time to be a better, healthier, stronger, version of myself. For that I am deeply grateful.




Gia Hettish


I had been taking Pilates in El Segundo and the teacher that I liked the best had to stop teaching. She was the most challenging teacher at this particular studio, so I had to find a new studio. I decided to search in Marina del Rey instead of going that far south anymore. This is how I stumbled upon The Studio (MDR).

(MDR) makes my former classes look like Kindergarten and quite honestly, a waste of time and money. The classes at (MDR) whip you into shape like NOTHING else. I am so grateful to have found it. Now, I’m a complete addict. I have finally lost my kangaroo pooch (lower belly fat) that has been with me my entire life. I’m more solid and compact—no more jiggle or cellulite.

The people at The Studio (MDR) are all amazing as well. The teachers, the staff and the owners are warm and inviting. What a great group of people! Everyone is a joy to be around (and it smells so yummy in there, too), but as warm as everyone is, they all get down to business—and that business is getting you into the best shape of your life. They genuinely take pride in how you look and feel.

The classes are intense, but once you’re done, you feel such a sense of accomplishment. You are spent…but in a great way! I sleep the best after a class. I always feel great the next day because I slept so well the night before.   My concentration is better. The Studio (MDR) is the best medicine!


Jose Palencia


I have been coming to The Studio (MDR) for a little over a year and taking class at 6 a.m. has completely changed my day. When I take the early morning classes, it kicks off my day in a whole new light. I am energized throughout the day, I am engaged, focused and seem to get a high that lasts well into the afternoon. I never get sleepy at lunch anymore. It’s a huge boost for anything I do throughout the day.

I not only FEEL much more toned, not to mention much more comfortable with myself, but also I no longer have lower back pain. I spend a lot of time in my car and my office, but since I’ve started doing this workout, my lower back pain has completely subsided.



Nicole Collins


I was fortunate to have had an easy pregnancy and I was able to workout at The Studio (MDR) until a week before the babe came. The workouts kept me feeling so strong, and I have to admit that the baby is such a tough little warrior. I'm guessing she's feeling the impact of the classes, too! I'm not actually kidding; the doctors have actually told me the baby is really strong, and I credit The Studio (MDR) for it!

Life with the babe has been better than I ever could have imagined. I recovered so quickly and feel great and I can't wait to get back to my workouts at (MDR)!


Alexandra Schwartz


I loved working out at The Studio (MDR) during my pregnancy. As my body was changing, the workouts helped me feel strong and kept me balanced. It was really important to me to have a healthy pregnancy, and The Studio (MDR) played a huge role in helping me do that. Not only did I work hard for myself, I worked hard for my baby. All of these things helped me to bounce back really quickly to my pre-pregnancy body.

I absolutely love being a mom. Charlotte is now 2 months old and every day is a new milestone. Being a parent takes patience, hard work, energy, and love. You have to be physically and mentally strong to take care of your little one. All of the work that I put in to myself before giving birth has truly helped me through the hard times and wonderful times.






LOOK it!

Michelle Richardson

Michelle Richardson is training for the WHFF fitness competition in August, which means she’s been coming to The Studio (MDR) three to four times a week to prepare. Next time you see her, wish her luck in her training!

Meg M.

Meg Motamedia has been with us from the beginning. In addition to taking class with Jessi four times a week, she also runs, spins, and has signed up for two half marathons and a triathlon this year.


Stephanie Nuno recently completed the Whole30 Challenge, where she eliminated ALL processed foods. She’s proof that diet is an integral component to looking your best! Succeeding on this diet challenge, along with a relentless commitment to taking class at The Studio (MDR) three times a week, Stephanie has never looked better.

FEEL it!


Nabila De Roco started coming to The Studio (MDR) in January, and she’s consistently been taking classes three to four times a week ever since. Her commitment, positive energy and big smile is impossible to not notice. We appreciate your good spirit Nabila! It’s contagious.

Bacchus Freedman  IMG_1560

Bacchus Freeman’s love for The Studio (MDR) does not go unnoticed. He's never late and has never—NEVER!—missed a class. And congratulations on your engagement!! We are all so happy for you!

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David Reanick is a performer in Cirque du Soleil’s show Totem, and he is blown away by his workouts at The Studio (MDR): “I can hold handstands for days, but I cant get through one of Dana’s classes,” he says.

Susan Fair Clark

Susan Fair Clark has been an inspiration to all of us. After recovering from an intensive surgery, Susan has been diligently working with Jessi for months. Her positive energy, sincere dedication and ever-present smile lights up everyone working out next to her.

LIVE it!

Jean Okuda

Jean Okuda (this month’s Transformer!) got a new job! She is staying in the same industry but moving to a different investment bank. Her courage to make such a change after building a sustainable career and a family of co-workers is inspiring.

Sandra KimSevil Turner

Our marathon runners -- Sandra Kim, Sevil Turner, Lauren Fulton and Jennifer Lind – are killing it, both in their ToeSox and their running shoes. On March 9th they ran the LA marathon, and credit their workouts at The Studio (MDR) as the best cross-training ever.

Nicole Pollard

Nicole Pollard tied the knot! A longtime devotee of The Studio (MDR), Nicole Pollard married her love, Ari Bayme, in Antigua Guatamala last month and looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day! Our very own Lisa Hirsch was in attendance and couldn't stop raving about how special the day was!