Christine before and after

Lost: 35 lbs.

In 2002, Christine Sanchez-Bixler was working in TV production, addicted to her intensely busy schedule. "I had no life, worked 24/7, ate horribly, and paid little to no attention to my health," she says. "And, I admit, I loved every single minute of it." But after a few years, her unhealthy habits caught up with her, and in 2006 she was diagnosed with lupus. Here's her story of transformation.

I was a professional dancer in my younger years so I was never a stranger to working out. I retired from dancing at age 30 and decided to go back to school, and in 2002 I started working full-time at the studios. Eventually, after a few years of neglecting my health on all counts, I just ran it into the ground horribly.

When I was diagnosed with lupus, I was actually very lucky. A diagnosis that can take some people months or even years to find out on happened for me within a matter of months. And my amazing doctors helped steer me toward a plan of healing. The brilliant Dr. Soram Singh Khalsa examined me, we talked, and then he laid it out. He said, "I think I can help you, but the burden of responsibility is on you to do all the work. You're either in or you're out. I'm a busy man and I don't have time to waste, so let me know if you're serious about your health because if you're not, then please don't waste my time." Bam!

I started detoxifying my body by eating an anti-inflammatory, vegan diet. NO meat, NO dairy, NO processed or refined sugars, NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO eggs, NO gluten, NO wheat, NO herbisides, fungicides, or pesticides, and all organic to the best of my ability. And I needed to start exercising, he told me.

And in June of 2010, I started working out. First up: Barry's Bootcamp in Sherman Oaks. I loved the cardio -- I was used to the hardcore dance classes of my younger years, was into running, had gotten crazy into Tae-Bo -- but within 3 weeks I had injured my right foot because of all that pounding from running on the treadmill. I was encouraged to continue working out and started looking into various Pilates studios. Then I came across this thing called SPX and found Sebastian's website.

I took my first class at the location in Hollywood and loved it! Well, let me be clearer. I fell in love with what I knew it could be - with what I knew it was supposed to be. I knew with the right teacher, and the right technique, this form of exercise would bring out the best in me. Then I took a class with Ky, and that was it.

I could hardly do any of it, but IT WAS GLORIOUS! The clouds parted and the angels sang. Ky was my missing link to complete my new regimen that would get me healthy again, and my body literally started to change and restructure itself before my eyes. The pounds just started melting off. I could see my waist again! Hello! I had a waist in there!

I officially started taking classes regularly with Ky in March 2011 and haven't looked back since. After going to The Studio (MDR) regularly, I immediately started to drop more weight without even trying -- and it's the complete restructuring of my body that I'm so happy about.

I'm in full remission and 35 lbs lighter, which my doctors are so happy about! I love The Studio (MDR), I love Lisa and Ken, I love the positive energy of the staff, I love the location, the clients. SPX and Ky have helped me come full circle in this life lesson of learning about my body and my health. And I can't wait to see what's still in store. Ky says he's going to change it up in January and really step up the game. I say, BRING IT!